Not Everyone Loves the Fall: A Reflection

This post should sound familiar- well, atleast it is if you have been reading my blog for all these long years! I posted one just like it in November of 2013 after hearing from so many people how they really don’t jive on the Fall like I do…

I love, love, love fall.  The colors, the temperature, the smells, the food…it all just works to put me in a good place of comfort, and happiness.fall fun

Sometimes, though fall makes people sad. Literally it does. I know several people in my life who get the SAD disorder (Seasonal Affective Disorder), where they get a bit depressed by the fall season. My work friend has a “happy light” (link just shows you an example) to make the seasonal change a bit easier.

I understand that many struggle with sadness at this time of year particularly — remembering their losses most recent or from long ago… missing loved ones that can’t be with us in the upcoming season of celebrations.

So it is with that reflection that I will share that I have reflected upon, and have found much comfort in this poem/prayer that a good friend shared with me a while ago, but that Ioved. Perhaps it may be of some comfort to others as well.

Typically the attribution states ‘Author unknown’ but if you use this version to reprint, or in a note to someone, it is probably appropriate to say that it is adapted by person(s) unknown from the original poem “Do not Stand at My Grave and Weep,” generally attributed to Mary Frye, 1932.