Nutella Ice Cream

So I haven’t made ice cream in 2+ years. I have a great mom, who gives me lots of great kitchen gifts, and the ice cream maker was one such gift…3 years ago. Well my twins are 2 1/2, so if you do the math – you know why it took so long to make it again. That is one reason. The second is that the first batch was disgusting. Maybe my mind was wacky due to being very pregnant with the boys and taking care of the girls and trying to “make a memory” for them with this great Pinkberry yogurt recipe. It was gross! I had never had Pinkberry, but had heard it was great…Did not hear, however, that it was SOUR. My girls were so upset! And like my million dollar jam this ice-cream was no bargain.

Enter this weekend. Enter Pinterest. Love them. Love ice cream. Nutella- well, I’ve never really been too into Nutella, but it IS chocolate, so how bad could it be? It is lovely isn’t it?

I also have shied away from recipes that require too much work, too many expensive ingredients, and too much time involved. There are too many really good ice creams that are easily available in the store, and cheaper than if I made them, so making ice-cream should be either cheap(ish), fast(ish), and super yummy! This one fits the bill totally.