NYC Shape Half-Marathon Recap

So, I am a little late getting this out there to you all, but with a stomach bug, and recovery, and going away on a super fun weekend to Burlington, VT, and #BrunchWeek, well….I am late but not forgetting that I need to recap my race for you all!

half marathon

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It was fun- Lots of firsts for this race:

  • The biggest race that I have ever done. There were 7, 000 women there, as it was a women-only race.
  • And it was my first ever time to Central Park. If you didn’t know, Central Park is so beautiful! And hilly. There are lots of hills. Well, not so many, but when you go around a couple of times they seem to keep going in the way that hills do. Crazy as I am, I actually like hills. Running on a flat plain seems to hurt my knees, but hills are where I always make up some speed and just enjoy myself a bit.
  • My first time running a race with a friend. Seriously. I have no idea why, but it seems I need more runner-friends! It was so nice to chat for the first few miles and have some company during and after the race. That has never happened before, and I think I want to make a point of doing it like this more often.

I have to say, I have done some low-entry very small races that still had good swag and nice medals…I was a bit disappointed with my medal. Sort of cheap looking:

Shape Half Marathon

Sort of cheesy right?

…and the swag was minimal. I hate to say anything negative about the race, since it was very organized, the water stops were great, and the course really fun…but I know we all like to keep our medals and when you have done a bunch, you would know what I mean! There were no goo-sticks either. Just Gatorade and water. So there’s that .

Overall, here is my take:

The 5 good things:

  • Central Park
  • Women Only
  • Well Organized
  • Did it with a friend
  • Beautiful running weather!
  • I actually had a great race, good pace

The 5-ish bad things:

  • No goo or energy sticks or gels
  • No Advocare Rehydrate, just Gatorade
  • Low-end Swag
  • Low-end medal
  • Umm. Not much else!

I brought my Advocare O2 Gold mixed with Rejuvenate and Biocharge for my run in my own bottle anyway, so I was feeling great right up to the end. I started the race, worrying about how I would do, since I had had a chest cold the week prior-  I felt really good and continue to feel motivated to run, which is great leading into summer, where I would love to sign up for some more fun races.

half marathon

Seriously. a little toothy right?!

What are you running this summer? Any  half-marathons? Do you run for bling? Do you get your mojo back after a race or lose it?

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*This post contains affiliate links, where if you click on them and make a purchase, I make a small percentage. I include them so that you can find what I am referencing and loving!*


17 thoughts on “NYC Shape Half-Marathon Recap

  1. Meranda@fairytalesandfitness

    I had this race on my radar as I have been wanting to run one in NYC. I ended up choosing the NYC half instead only because if I was going to make the trip to NY, I wanted to run on through the city! After having done that one now, I think doing a race through Central Park would be lovely!

    Sorry about the cheap medal. I would have thought the lanyard would be pinks and purples and more “girly” colors. Still looks nice though. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    I recently ran the Des Moines Women’s Half Marathon (there’s a recap on my blog), presented by Shape! I bet it’s all the same kind of gig. It was the inaugural venue in DSM, and I thought it was well-organized. I was happy with the swag (purple 1/4 zip jackets and nice medals). We also received wine glasses because it took place at a winery. I’d love to run Central Park sometime!

  3. Wendy

    I read about this race on a few other blogs and most people liked it–I think the setting in Central Park was a real draw. That’s too bad about the medal–I’d expect Shape to really do it up!

    I ran Big Sur with a friend and I have to say that it was so fun! I had never done that before, but for a race like that, it was great to share the experience!

    1. Post author

      I think Big Sur would be a location-draw the way Central Park is, so the expectation for me was already sort of high too- I loved doing it with a friend- totally lining up another soon!

  4. kookyrunner

    I did this race once and I kind of have the same thoughts. I think that its way overpriced considering there is no expo and you only get a race shirt. I wish that they would provide a sweatshirt or zip up, and a better medal as well.

    Running in Central Park is always amazing tho!

  5. Chocolaterunsjudy

    I’d much rather have good swag than great bling (although both are nice). I do a lot of small races too, so I am used to very little stuff and almost no spectator support during.

    I had always thought I might do this race, but I’m doing Wineglass for my NY half.

    1. Post author

      Oh! I almost did wineglass as a full last year- my friend did it and said it was great! I don’t typically need bling at all- I’d rather pay less and get less- I just don’t like to pay a lot for cheap stuff and weak swag!

  6. Coco

    I love running in Central Park — as you can tell from my weekly recap — and have been eyeing this race. I’m ok with low-key bling as long as the logistics are well organized.

  7. Renée

    So wait… it was a half marathon and they didn’t provide gels??? that seems odd to me (and not good!). I mean usually I carry my own, but if I don’t, it’s nice to rely on the race organization for this! I do like a good Half, with a nice medal and swag, so that would have been a let down for me too. I don’t do any women’s only races anymore… maybe it’s different there than it is here in the Netherlands, but I feel like I’m in a crowded chicken coop when I do women’s races here. I am not much of a run-chatter though, so it could just be me HA!

    I have two Halfs on the calendar this year – one is THIS WEEKEND in Liverpool and the other is in August in Dublin. I will probably do another one on the coast here in NL end of September.

    oh and I definitely run for bling!

  8. Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    Congratulations on your race! I love all women’s races, they are so inspiring! It’s been a long time since I’ve raced with a friend, I’m so used to being on my own out there, but it definitely has its benefits!

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