Ocean State Marathon Recap

So my runner friends…have you ever done a race and come away with literally NO pictures?!

I have. Well except this one:

PreMarathon Sunrise

PreMarathon Sunrise

Kind of a let-down. I I am not even running yet.  Or with a bib# yet. It’s a bummer not only because I have this great blog, and I want to share my pics of what was an absolutely gorgeous day, and show you lots of interesting terrain, but also because I want proof!

I want proof that I did this! 26.2 is no joke. I am still debating on whether to do it again though! Crazy. I liken it to giving birth: You forget the pain. And then you do it again. Some people are so crazed and forgetful that they do it a third time or like the people on TV…21 or so times!

Well, racing is a bit like this. I think you train for so long, waiting for the big day, and it is amazing in all it’s pain and glory, but at the end of it all…you sort of say, “never again,” or after 2 days of recovery say, “maybe again.”  And then finally, you say, “When should I do my next one?”

I know it sounds crazy, and I was hurting so badly. My mind says, “never again,” but my heart is full of “when are we doing that again?” Crazy.  Totally and truly.  Runners are crazy.


The race field itself was really small- like 500 runners, I think.  This was the race that split off from the Newport Marathon in a contentious and weird bidding-war with race event people.  That sort of drama is not for me…plus, I did the Newport last year, and I wanted a new race so that I didn’t anticipate any of the course and also so I could enjoy Narragansett-  Which was sosososo different than what I expected.

There were way more little ups and downs, and hilly parts than I thought for sure.  We went on some nice back roads and places that I have never been, which was interesting for me, and also beautiful to see. A frequent Rhody person, and I didn’t even know some of the race course places, so I know it was off the regular beaten path, and fun to sort of see in that way and feel like I was exploring it a bit.  Here’s a breakdown to the overall run:


Mile 12:  I broke away from my 4:30 pace group, which I had started with, because it was feeling a bit like that scene in Forrest Gump, where all the runners are just following Forrest…and I wanted to Run My Own Race, …so I went faster and my time was on course for a 4:10.  Feeling excited.

Mile 15: My hip acted up. I stopped and stretched it a bit.

Mile 17:  I lengthened my stride on an uphill to try to stretch out the hip.

Mile 18: I was hurt. As in heart-in-my-throat-effing-hip-hurt. My butt/hip pain was radiating to my leg, down my leg and making my foot numb.  Lots of positive mantra-ing and trying to work through this. I was seriously in trouble. My 4:30 people passed me and I started to cry.  And was mad. Mad that I didn’t have any Advil (my shorts didn’t have a pocket, the effers, and I decided I couldn’t stow any Advil in my bra…), and mad that I had tried to push it instead of go with the pacers.

Mile 20: Saw my daughter and our friends, who also didn’t have Advil, but they cheered me on, and it was such good timing. Crying isn’t good for your overall race, just so you know.

Mile 21: Saw another friend, and he lives in Narragansett…so GOT ME ADVIL by Mile 22!!!

Mile 23-24: Waiting for the Advil to kick in, and…

Miles 23-26.2: This wonderful friend ran WITH ME! He had already done the 1/2 marathon, and just running with me until the Advil kicked in was a huge distraction from the pain.  When mile 24 kicked by, the Advil kicked in, and I was at a race-pace. Like, flying by lots of in-pain people pace.  I finished at 4:47.

If only I could have had Advil with me in my shorts from the start….If only I didn’t get sick the week before the race…If only my husband could have been there….If only I had kept up with the hip-exercises…If only I had stayed with the pacers… I may have avoided this whole pain-thing….which is why I may want to do it again. Crazy. I know. But the “if only“…takes a hold, pretty strongly, and it has me right now, wanting to improve over this time.  My sweet spot is truly the 12 mile mark, so I may have to resolve for my body’s sake, to stick with this for a bit. After last year’s marathon in October, I didn’t run at all until a Turkey-Trot in November. I don’t feel like that, this time. I want to run still and don’t feel the burn-out that I had, even last week! It’s a testament to the crazy, that is running I guess, but as long as it’s fun, and I am able to do it… Well. We shall see.

By the way, if you are interested in ever doing this race, the post race sum-up:  no beer at the end of this race (Booo) but there was Del’s Lemonade and fruit, and chowder (sorry, but kind of a post-race no-no, I think), and rice with chicken (weird, but good).

My cotton (Dear Race Directors: Thank you for cotton! I love this t-shirt!!!) race shirt and medal:

october marathon

I may get some more pics from the event picture people, but I will let you in on those soon, if so. You know I will want to share pics of me-actually-running!  For now, I am linking up with other crazy runners at Tuesdays on the Run.

13 thoughts on “Ocean State Marathon Recap

  1. Gretchen | Gretchruns

    I love that medal! Really gorgeous..probably one of the best I’ve seen. Great job finishing the race, and I know what you mean about forgetting the pain and wanting to sign up for more races as soon as you finish. I’m guilty of that myself 🙂 Chowder after a race would probably make me throw up…and no beer is a big BOO!

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy

    I have never done a full. I think about it, I say if I were faster I would consider it (hello, 2;43 half PR, so 6 hrs for a full, assuming I could finish it), but in the end I finish 13.1 and stick a fork in me. And did I mention my pace is slow? But that doesn’t mean I am not trying my very best, because I am.

    Yes, the if onlys do keep us trying and retrying. I had a great race but: if only it hadn’t been so windy, if only I hadn’t wasted so much energy holding onto my hat, if only I hadn’t caved & walked up that last hill . . . well, you get the picture.

    Finishing = winning, especially for a marathon!

  3. Di

    So proud of you…painful to read, I can’t imagine 26.2…I hope your hip is feeling “normalish” again!!! I believe you…no proof needed!!!! Xo

  4. Darlene

    Congrats on your race. I had a lot of if onlys in my race Saturday. I am trying to focus on the fact that I finished 13.1 miles but I know I should have had a better race (if only my back hadn’t started to hurt…next time, I am carrying Advil!!)

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  6. fitfoodiemama

    Huge kuddos to you for getting through the race while in pain! That is crazy! I do know what you mean by the “if only” scenario making you want to do it again. I ran out of fuel and bonked HARD toward the end of my race…if only I had more fuel it could have turned out just that much differently. Congrats for real though, you are a serious rockstar!

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