Oh Cake Balls!…and I mean that!

Cake Balls

The Reality of Cake Balls…Not what they seem.

I love Pinterest. I love the visual bookmarking of all things super-duper and beautiful, and exciting for me to try or attain to. I have a board for books, for recipes, for travel, for parties, for things I love, and more. But this is not a post about love. It is a post about reality.
I was with a group of moms-of-multiples and we were discussing birthday parties. Now many of these multiples-moms have more than just the 2 or 3 kids that came out of them at the same time- they have singletons as well. That is to say, these moms have their hands very full. So when they started bemoaning that their birthday parties look “nothing like that pictures on Pinterest!” I got a bit sad.
Why are we attaining to this? I know that these pictures are the ideal, yet I still feel let down or bad about myself when my own Pinterest-worthy cakes, or decorations just don’t measure up. I have to consciously remember that these pics are carefully chosen after many takes and the lighting is just right. I don’t have a problem on this blog, because my pictures suck. I am to busy doing life, to document it. And when I do document it, it should be authentic don’t you think? It should reflect what life was really like.
So when I decided to finally try making cake balls (because frankly they look so darn cute, right?) while my girls are on school vacation, I was keeping in mind that of course the pictures are perfection, and that I shouldn’t expect these to look quite as perfect.
No problem there. They didn’t look even close. I made cake balls, not pops, and while delicious, they are U-G-L-Y! They are gross to make, and not fun at all. This is why I am so glad, that I didn’t do this the night before a birthday party, or some other crazy-making time! My kids love them. And isn’t that something?
While moms worry about making the birthday parties perfectly themed, and have perfect decorations to go with perfect cake and perfect favors…kids just want fun. They want yum. They want their friends. They don’t want a stressed out mom. They want her to be relaxed, and present, and kind.
Let it go ladies! Keep posting to Pinterest of course, but keep yourself authentic, and embrace bad pictures, because life isn’t perfectly posed.

2 thoughts on “Oh Cake Balls!…and I mean that!

  1. maisymak

    I like this a lot. I find that I do better just not looking at Pinterest, which is kind of sad because it’s a great place for talented people to showcase. Someday I hope to not always be so insecure 🙂 I also bemoan how bad my food photography is “compared to everyone else.” It’s silly and something I’m constantly working on. My kids don’t care how bad my cakes look in pictures, they’re just happy I love them enough to make one! Also – love your book list on the sidebar!

    1. H.A.G.

      Thanks so much for reading with me and taking the time to comment! I really do hope to someday have great photos for some Pinterest Boards but I think giving myself a break is really sane-making! Glad you like the sidebar books, although I don’t update the “read” it already list quite so fast anymore!

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