One Week Away from a Goal!

I am one week away from a life-goal! My half-marathon is next week. I run a lot and always have, but never done a long race. I did my last long-run on Tuesday at 10.76 miles. It was supposed to be on Wednesday. It was supposed to be 12 miles. I am a mom. I rocked it, no matter HOW it was supposed to be! Why did I say that I “rocked” it? Because I am not injured! Low expectations people! I did my walking for 60 seconds every mile after the first 5 miles, and I have to say it saved my knees. The hills are a piece of cake next to the knees on a downslope!

In between the runs this week I have been doing a hamstring, hip flexor stretch that also stretches the front of my abs.

Umm..this is NOT me just so we are clear.

Umm..this is NOT me just so we are clear.

This helps prevent IT band issues that affect my knees. I have also been using a roller, which really feels like what I image a deep tissue massage feels like…but I have never had one, nor will I ever, because the roller hurts like hell! But it works like a charm. My knees don’t kick in with pain as easily, because the theory of the roller is that it breaks up the muscle cramping that happens with the IT band.
My roller is just like this one.

My roller is just like this one.

So her is the training that I have left:

Friday:2.5 miles
Saturday:3 miles
Sunday: rest
Monday: 2 miles
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: Half Marathon!! Whoot Whoot!

I am headed to CNY for the race on Thursday, so wish me good knees so I can keep training for a fall marathon! The rest of the week I want to concentrate on stretching, rolling, eating well, what to eat as I get close and right before the race, and also NOT getting sick, so dosing up on lots of sleep and vitatmin C. Stay tuned!