One Word to Sum Up 2016: Enjoy

Last week I got outside to walk every day. Well…until the stomach bug got me. Then I started up again this week, and I am 2 days into getting outside for a little walk. Not far. Just 30 minutes or so. Sometimes alone, and other times with someone. Walking with someone feels particularly good, since it is undivided attention between you and another person, to have an uninterrupted conversation. No cell phones, television, children, computers. It is very, very nice.

I am enjoying my walking so much, and this slow-down pace, but I feel the urge creep in to plan for a race. And I will. For now, I am concentrating on eating better, and slowly regrouping with my exercising, in order to ENJOY it again. I am a big fan of clichés, and “Life is short” is my mantra lately. Focusing on enjoying.

If you read blogs at all, you may have noticed that it’s a trend this year, to pick one word to drive your goals for the year.  I really like this idea,  but it is troublesome. I have stumbled over this idea in my mind for a few days trying out different words in my mind.

Would I choose:

Consistency? That would be a good one for my daily schedule. Lord, I need more consistency.

Drive? I need a push and to push myself on the daily for sure.

Love? Yes, I should let love be the deciding choice every day, and wtih every aspect of what I do.

But I am not able to choose just ONE word. It is really much harder than I thought.  Perhaps, then it should be:

Decisiveness. Assertiveness. Focus. 

Making up your flippin’ mind!

So I like Enjoy.enjoy2016

Enjoying whatever I am doing, atleast a little bit. So…Maybe I don’t enjoy scrubbing the toilet- but I do enjoy a clean house! Finding the joy in the little things, maybe, will help me focus on the bigger goals this year. There are worse things. Like not-enjoying. Anti-joy. Un-enjoy.

What would you pick for your one word? I am so curious to know what others are choosing! Let me know in the comments on this post.

6 thoughts on “One Word to Sum Up 2016: Enjoy

    1. Post author

      I love that word too! I thought about how much I actually love change itself in December. “Change is good” as they say…but it can be hard. I like how this is 365 days to give the word some meaning and some time to see if your word is helping you focus in on your goals. We shall see!

  1. kristenk

    I love your word! I definitely need to try to find the joy in more little things. Good luck with your one word and with all the other little goals you have too 🙂

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