Organizing Christmas Lights

So are any of you procrastinators?

I hope so.  That is, I hope that you might in the slightest chance find this post useful.  Seeing how Christmas was a month ago and all…Ah, well. Here we are. Taking down our outside lights. You didn’t think I still had inside lights up did you?! (Those came down last week). Eh-hem. Anyhoo…

I have been the one who wraps and puts away the tree decorations every year for a while now.  And really, I thought that I was doing just fine without buying any additional organizers for the ornaments or lights. Being practical (re. frugal!), I use what I have on hand: plastic bags from the grocery store and cardboard boxes.  I wrap each fragile ornament with a bag and put it in our box of ornaments marked, “fragile.”  For the lights, I roll each strand separately and put inside a plastic bag.  I can’t believe I just told you this.  You don’t need to know this! The point is…This has worked.  I had no idea, nor did I care to have any idea how other people were putting away their decorations!

But now, enter my husband.  He decided to get “organized” this year and buy one of those, what he calls a spool for the lights. I scoffed.  Who needs to spend more money to put things away? 

This guy. That is who.

I love these things!   Yes, my friends, for less than $2. per spool, we are officially organized for next year!  …and I have to say it is quite nice.

Here’s a pic:

lights organizer

We wrapped the whole inside tree on one spool!

lights organizerThey are from Home Depot, but I don’t know the brand.  My husband is pretty psyched about them and feeling accomplished and ready for next year.

Personally, I also love having it so organized now.  I think I may have to break down and get an ornament organizer myself while the sales are still going on! On a roll people. Please don’t tell me in the comments how you organize your ornaments.  Unless it is spectacular, like this little number, I just don’t want to know {wink-smile}!