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Heya folks! Rachel here from this week. I dunno about the rest of you, but I’m DONE with winter. I am ready for a bit of Spring, more sunshine, and definitely warmer temps. But since (at least here in SoDak) it’ll be ahile longer before that happens, let’s see what deliciousness everyone linked to in last week’s Friday Frenzy, shall we?

First up, we have some Buffalo Chicken Sliders from Review, Chews & How-Tos – If you’ve followed me for any length of time or know me in real life, you know Buffalo chicken ANYthing is something I’ll go nuts for. Buffalo Chicken Dip shows up at least once a month as a weekend meal in our house. The sliders would make a great addition to your next party, or snacks for a weekend afternoon.

Another on the list of things I love (though I don’t necessarily go berserk for them like I do Buffalo chicken, or totchos) are Philly Cheesesteaks. Sue from A Palatable Pastime linked these Loaded Philly Cheesesteak Baked Potatoes. That’s a complete meal right there, folks! Plus, I love that she added a kick from some additional spicy peppers.

If that’s not your thing, maybe you’d like Cooking with Carlee’s Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf. One of my husband’s all-time favorite meals is Chicken Parmesan, and I KNOW he’d love this (another of his favorites is meatloaf!). The bambino would be harder to convince to eat this, but that’s a picky 10-year-old for you.

Last up, we have Bride on a Budget’s DIY Wedding Bruschetta Bar. I’ve been to plenty of wedding receptions where you spend an hour or two waiting for the bridal party to finish their photos and make their entrance, and the bar’s the only thing open, and the only “food” is the nuts and mints on the table. And if you have a child/children with you? No doubt they’re screeching for something of substance to eat, because they’ve already plowed through the snacks from your purse. This bruschetta bar is a brilliant idea!

So there you have this week’s features. Be sure to drop a link and share what you’ve been up to in your kitchen or craft room!

Happy Valentine’s Day: Heart Health & Running

Happy Valentines Day my friends! Today, I am sharing a running post (!) for all my runner-friends, and if you don’t run, you may get a little heart-health info. here too!

Heart Health & Running

Did you know it’s Heart Health Month? I didn’t. I learned this from a Podcast (#298) on Another Mother Runner, that I listen to about running (duh.), that focused on whether or not running is actually good or bad for your heart.

Big. For me, as a runner, but also a major contrarian and realist, I will only do something if I want to, and if it ISN’T good for me, I probably won’t do it…so I am not sure about you, but going into this podcast, I was hoping that I was doing everything right.

The good news is that, yes, running is good for your heart. The bad news was that I need to change some things about running for my heart health:

Here are my takeaways:

  • Statins are one of the most studied drugs, and are the best way to prevent plaque from building in your arteries. I have been fighting having to go on one, and maybe this makes me feel better about them.
  • Natural alternative statins such as Red East Rice Extract, which is a supplement, are the same exact main ingredient as a statin, it’s just not regulated the same since it’s a supplement, so the ingredients vary greatly brand to brand.
  • Coconut oil is a saturated fat. This is not as good as olive oil for heart health. Enjoy in moderation, as you would butter or another saturated fat (Perhaps smoothing it all over my body is the best way I should use this!)
  • Even 10 minutes of high intensity exercise a day is helping your heart.
  • Some running is better than no running for your heart health. Ideally, three times a week, 1-2 hours a week (this is WAY less than I would do, so this is a mindset-change).
  • Too much running (marathons), may be harmful for your heart health (please don’t send me hate-mail on this one!).

Heart Health & Running

To prevent sudden cardiac issues post-running, here were the recommendations:

  • Don’t over-drink the water.
  • Eat salty food after a race, and electrolyte replacements.
  • DO NOT take advil or ibuprofen during a race (ACK! I am guilty of this one!)- take a baby aspirin right before a race if you are worried about heart health.
  • Get trained yourself in bystander CPR, to be available to help others- see the American Heart Association for where in your area you can do this- maybe the local Y

Obviously, this is just one viewpoint. I like to gather information over time to make informed choices, as I am sure most of you do as well…but I found this podcast super helpful, if you run and run for heart health. Many of us, run for mental health, endorphines, weight control, or other reasons…so heart health may not be on your radar.

For today, I wanted to celebrate the Day of Love and Heart, with a focus on heart heath, so I hope you gleaned a little bit of new info here, but I would definitely listen to the podcast yourself or check out the American Heart Association as a place to get reliable, trusted information from the medical community. For sure, it is confusing, but I like that there is research that backs any claims or statements that are made on the site. As a librarian, I always over-research to make sure I get all the information, from all kinds of sources. As a relatively healthy person with plaque because of my DNA- thanks Mom & Dad- I want to know FACTS and get as much good information as possible to help my heart.

Disclosure: I am not a health professional, nor does this blog make claims to any health discussion posted here. Please use your own doctor and your own judgement before following any advice regarding your health. 

Chocolate Pretzel Hearts #FoodBloggerLove

Salty, sweetness- oh my word these are delicious! Sosososososo good! When you give these easy to make, Chocolate Pretzel Hearts, you are giving some love, my friends.

Easiest Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

These little Pretzel Hearts are too cute and delicious NOT to make. I am not a candy maker. I will not fuss with with a thermometer or tempering..but these are easy and my kids like them, so I am super happy that they are delicious to boot!

Here’s what you do to make this super easy:

Prep the  area: Lay out the pretzels, sprinkles, and get your baggie handy for the chocolate:

  1. Melt the chocolate.
  2. Squeeze it into the little holes to make a heart.
  3. Sprinkle to your hearts content.
  4. Add a little heart.

Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

Set these up in the refrigerator and you are good to go! These are so stinkin’ cute and addictive, so beware! I made both white and milk chocolate, since we like both in this house, but if you like colored chocolate melts, or dark chocolate go for it- it is just fine. And you can share them if you are a good wrapper of adorable packages- which I am not…this may not even make it onto a plate, as I keep sneaking them off the sheet!

Easiest Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

You will want to print this up and make these of course, but Yummy was acting cray/cray today, so I am spelling it out for you here:


2, 2-ounce cubes of white melting chocolate
2, full-sized milk chocolate bars
About 50 pretzel twists (these are the hearts)
Sprinkles in Valentine-colors
conversation hearts

Here’s what you do:

On a sheet pan, lined with parchment or waxed paper, lay your pretzels out flat.

Melt each of the chocolates separately in small bowls. To do this, microwave in 30-second intervals, at full power, stirring in between times. Keep doing this until the chocolate is smooth and melted.

Pour the chocolate into a small baggie (I do this by placing a baggie, one corner side-down, into a short glass, turning over the sides of the bag).Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

Snip the end and pipe the chocolate into the holes of the pretzel until it’s a heart shape.

Sprinkle the candy-sprinkles all over. Add the conversation heart. Chill until set.

*Makes 50 candies.
**Add the sprinkles before the conversation hearts, or they won’t stick properly.

Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

Chocolate Pretzel Hearts

And guess what?! There’s even more love to share today! Today is #FoodBloggerLove where we are sharing our bestest (seriously, the tastiest!) recipes for V-Day ever. It’s like Galentine’s Day for sure around here, and here are the recipes for you to choose from:

Easiest Chocolate Pretzel Hearts