Pink-Lemonade Beer Cocktails

beer lemonadeThis may or may not be your drink. You have two choices here if that wasn’t clear. You can drink this….Or you don’t have to.

But “Pink lemonade and beer?” you ask.

Yes! It is so refreshing that even my friend who doesn’t drink beer, loved this drink.  You can’t taste any beer, but only have the sweet taste of lemonade and the refreshing coldness of this punch-like drink, served over ice.  Perfect by the pool.  Or the porch.  Or wherever.

This is how easy it is to make your hot-day drink of choice in a huge pitcher:

beer lemonade


Lemon Beer Cocktails


  • 1 12oz. can pink (has to be pink!) lemonade concentrate (has to be the concentrate)
  • 2 cups vodka
  • 4 cans of light beer (I used Corona)
  • Ice


Defrost the lemonade.

In a 2 quart pitcher, add the lemonade, vodka, and beer.


Add the ice, or pour over the ice in glasses.


If you are a man, this may definitely not be your drink. My husband told me this. He should know, because he is a man. No offense to any man who also likes to drink and ends up loving this recipe. This may mean that you like pink lemonade way more than my husband does!  Moving on…

If you are a woman, this is your new favorite drink- which by the way, is also known as, {don’t let me lose you here} the “Panty Dropper.” I know. Very sexist. But probably true. If it was also known as the “Boxer Dropper” I probably would not drink this, nor would I want my husband to! Besides the crazy nick-names, somehow the idea of lemonade mixed with beer, may not ring your bell right off the bat  – but It truly is delicious- you must trust me on this- you must!

If you are too embarrassed to call it the “Panty Dropper” – say, when you are making it for your mother’s friends for a baby shower or book group…just call it “Pink-Lemonade Beer Cocktails” like I did. Or “Lemon-Coolers.” That sounds WAY more lady-like…And if you are serving it to men who may love lemonade AND beer…just call it a Shandy.  Equal opportunity around here, my friends. Enjoy!

beer lemonade