Playing Catch-Up: Clutter Free Challenge

I know, I know.  I have left you all behind! The Clutter-free countdown watch has stopped! But I got a new “battery”, and here we must go on!

I need to Clear the Clutter!

Please no judgement~ This may take some time…

To recap, we have conquered(!):

Day 1: Preparation (Read: Clean your house first!)
Day2: Entryway
Day3: Mail
Day4: Living Room
Day5: Books & Magazines
Day6: DVDs & CDs
Day7: Toys
Day8: Junk Drawer
Day 9: Dining Room
Day 10: Kitchen Counters
Day 11: Kitchen Cupboards & Drawers
Day 12: Pantry
Day 13: Master Bedroom
Day 14: Master Closet & Drawers

Here’s where I left you hangin’ on!

Days 15, and 16 are the Master Bathroom and Bathroom Drawers (separately).

Days 17 and 18 are the Kid’s Bedrooms and Closets.  – Okay, so I have 4 kids my loyal reader(s) (haha), so you are feelin’ me when I tell you, this may take longer than a day, right? Right! Actually, I had tackled this one pre-countdown a bit, so for now, I may be able to just declutter a weensy bit!

Day 19 is the Kid’s Paperwork, AKA my command center.  This is an ALWAYS task.  Not just for one day, and it creeps into crazy if I let it go, as is my usual routine, so a before and after will be easy.  Also, it takes only a second to clean it up a bit, but the long-term solution is the one that may take longer.

Day 20: Kid’s Bathroom

Day 21: Laundry Room & Linen Closet

Day 22:  And here we are today. I am working today.  I have an after work meeting at 7:00, which leaves me exactly one hour to get my kids fed and off to their scheduled practices on time. Perhaps a recap tomorrow on Days 17-22? Day 23? Can I de-clutter a backlog of 9 days worth of clutter, all in one day, and get ready for my company coming this weekend, and kid activities to boot?   Probably not.  I will have to prioritize a bit.  This is why I am Hardly a Goddess, people!  But, “striving to the best H.A.G., that I can be.  Every.  Single.  Day.

Stay tuned for lots of Before & Afters! {to the great horror of my dear mother.  Sorry, Mom!}

Follow along yourself at #LWSLClutterFree!

Update  and my conclusion after 2 hours:  Seriously! Procrastination & Distraction are my ENEMY!

After: Clutter Free 20141023_095643

And look at the linen closet (just a peek) but I have tons of “new” napkins in a bin in addition to this, that I haven’t used…because I couldn’t see them.  Erg!

linen closet organized20141023_095740

So much more to do, but I am making a dent.  Progress is underrated.  🙂