Project for Kindness: Update


If you remember, I and many others teamed up with Team Nutrition Genius to fulfill 22 acts of kindness to do this past Saturday.

Despite starting the rainiest of days feeling frazzled and not very kind-spirited AT ALL, what we actually accomplished was this:

      1. Donated to Women’s Organization
      2. Sent soup to the grandparents
      3. Donated baby clothes to Goodwill
      4. Brought plants to nursing home staff
      5. Brought flowers to kid’s nana and her roommate
      6. Purchased a bag of canned goods to donate at church
      7. Gave $ to a homeless person
      8. Put signs on windshields, “Have a Super Day!”
      9. Brought apples to the firehouse with a note, “Have you been Thanked today?” * This was an awesome visit, where the kids were treated to a full on tour of the garage, trucks, firehouse, and intro to what being a firefighter is actually like! Thank you Firefighters everywhere!
      10. Wrote note to a friend for new baby
      11. Wrote a note to a friend just because
      12. Called grandparents to say hi and love you’s!
      13. Gathered books and donated to college for kids that visit during summer months
      14. Gathered books and stuffed animals to send to hospital for kids to use
      15. Brought treats in for the college kids I work with

And then here’s where we veared WAY off course:

Off to home and a birthday party sent 2 kids away and out of our hands…but then (insert picture of a wooden boomerang, that you are too scared to catch and it goes realing out of control!) brought one child home again after the stomach bug hit… That put the brakes on any of this planned kindness…and when some real-time, everyday, unscheduled, unplanned, mommy/daddy-kindness really kicked in.

When my daughter, who was dropped off at the party without her own mom and dad, got sick, the moms who were at the said birthday party, rubbed my daughter’s back and held her ponytail as she threw up and hung her little head in a huge garbage can, while hundreds of kids roller skated around her… This is why I am so thankful for the kindnesses of others…it came back to us in double-form when the givers didn’t expect anything in return.

It was just kind.

“I know you’d do the same…” one mom said to me after.  Would I? My first inclination when someone gets physically sick, is to take shelter and run away, taking my kids with me!

I think though, having sat the past 24 hours rubbing my daughters back, and hoping that she felt cared for, that I would do that for any one of those other kids.  Especially if their mom or dad wasn’t around.  It is these unexpected kindnesses that we give to others that for some reason always surprises me.  I know I may never get to pay back these same moms in the same way, but I hope I can add to the kindnesses of my little world a little, as it really does make a difference to others.

This short list was really hard to do in just one day, even when I planned ahead.  Life gets in the way of service, but not kindness…  There are other plans, plans of others, interruptions, unexpected turns and changes that keep us from staying on track. Just as in my everyday life, I learned that service to others sometimes has to be planned for.

We are planning to fulfill the rest of our 22 in the week ahead:

16:Buy lottery ticket for a stranger 
17:. Invite a new person to join the fun 
18. Buy a drink for a stranger (coffee for person in line behind me).
19:open the door for people walking behind us
20: clean the car for dad without asking for money
21: leave quarters on the machines at laundry mat
22: Give double $ at church

In my goal of showing my kids how to be kind, or do generous acts, I think it was a good start…not the one I expected, but having accomplished just a little is our starting place that we can now build off of.

Thanks to the women at Team Nutrition Genius for this great and kind day as my own spring-board for kindness.  We learned so much and I am so glad my kids have a start to knowing how to give planned kindnesses to others.

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