Purgatory Chasm: A Massachusetts Gem for Families

I have to post about this before the beautiful fall leaves are all fallen! This is peak season in the Northeast and the trees are amazingly beautiful!

If you live in Massachusetts or within an hour drive, I highly recommend Purgatory Chasm as a park to not miss out on! I have known about it ever since I moved to Massachusetts- echemm- quite some time ago, and had never gone!  I pass this place almost every day on my way to work, and still had never gone…Until I did. And now I think I will go all the time.

purgatory chasm fun with kids

The chasm is a path with rocks and nooks and caves to scamper in and out and over. It is challenging enough for grown-ups and easy enough that with assistance, my 6 year old boys could do it. It is NOT for elderly or impaired walkers in any way. For those people, there are easier trails at the park as well as scenic areas to appreciate the view and walking.purgatory chasm fun with kids

We took the hike through all sorts of fun craggle and crevices. It then goes around a loop that winds over the chasm and you can see down into it. It is super fun and challenging too. After our hike, we had to give sustenance to the weary, by way of ice-cream. Of course. How do you think I got my kids to actually get in the car to go on a hike? I bribed them, just like you would have, faced with two tweens and twin 6 year olds. And literally, this is a quote, what my daughter, the queen-tween, said:

This is pretty fun mom. I thought when you said ‘hike’ it would be boring. But this place is fun.

Whaaat?! Ahhhh! Did you hear that?! Fun?! I felt that feeling, you get when all things are good and right. It was awesome. I am so going to take this kid hiking again. She was happy. And outside. And it’s free. All was well.purgatory chasm fun with kids

Of course the day of hiking, followed by ice cream also included mini-golf and animals and a jumpy house, of which we didn’t partake (the animals or mini-golf).  There is only so much fun one mom can take, and honestly none of it sounded as good as the hike and ice cream.purgatory chasm fun with kids

This is a great local spot that is worth a day trip if you can. Bring a picnic, and then go get ice-cream at the West End Creamery. And do it soon, before all the leaves have gone. I plan to go once more before the end of October to try the corn maze at the West End Creamery after our hike at the chasm….and of course more ice cream! Have fun!



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