Rant on part-timing myself

I don’t know if it’s a rant on part-timing myself or others, but either way it was bad.  Bad, bad…not good, bad, good again.  While I’m no Polyanna, I do have the ability to be happy, and easily so.  It is the unfortunate problem, then, that I live among people.  People always think themselves to be an intellectually as well as spiritually enlightened bunch, and are actually a lot of the time, miserable.  If you are a person, don’t disrespect me at a turn without thought because of your miserable-ness.  That is part one.

Part two, is that while I love working part-time, it has it’s downfalls.   When I was working full time outside the house, my work life prioritized my day, in terms of hours spent there, so this was reflected in the amount of respect I afforded by my work peers. Now I am part-time at my work, which in turn allows me to part-time my home life.. sometimes it means that I don’t get the respect that I am used to.  In fact I can feel pretty near invisible.  I worry that I am way more replaceable than I was… I get part-time the props.

If I was home 24/7 I’d feel the same there too… been there.  Other part-time moms, If we are trying to do-it-all, but doing-it-all-poorly, do we ever get it back? The good stuff like time with my kids, or respect on a job well done?

Part three: This is my job.  Working it through.  Making my life work.  So there.