Read More in 2017

Oh my word.

So many books, so little time!Read More 2017 to read these books

I know that January is the month of goals and I do like to set up some things for myself that I’d like to accomplish, but in the matter of books, it is a MUST. I have set up several “challenges” and even hoping to do some “readathons” to get myself reading more than ever this year.


Because reading is good for you. It is quite possibly the healthiest thing that I do for myself.

Think about this:

When you exercise you are working your muscles. Reading exercises your brain-muscle. If you don’t move your body, your muscles atrophy…if you don’t exercise your brain…well, that too will suffer. So let’s read!

One hour, every day. That’s it. That’s all. I am “challenging” myself with a Goodreads Challenge for reading 40 books this year. Not too heavy. The goal is to enjoy, yet keep reading consistently. I know I am busier in the Fall, so I am planning to front-load the reading and push to read more this Spring. To that end, I am joining up with

A few mini-challenges:

That’s it. For now. I am always looking for great recommendations and I love reading all types of books, so you can expect that I will be sharing some of my favorite titles along the way.

If  you love to read, or need to pick up a book more often this year, please follow allow on these challenges or link up with me on GoodReads!

Best in Reading~