Review & Giveaway(OVER): Bolder Band Headbands

bolder band giveaway

Confession#1: I stink at selfies.

Confession#2: I was sososo swamped last week, that I never posted my giveaway for quite possibly the prettiest thing in my running-toolbox of accessories.  Most of my stuff looks like a crumpled mess of t-shirts and barrettes, mixed with a sprinkling of crazy. But this little headband takes me from frumpy to ready in 2 seconds.  It is made by a company called Bolder Band™ which is a US Company out of Colorado,

Bolder Band™ Headbands

While I usually bobby-pin the sides and barrette the shortest part of my long-bang to keep it off my forehead while exercising, I now have another option- just one-( but I plan to get more soon) a headband! Not the old-school plastic ones that kill your head, but the exercise ones.

Confession#3: I have a weirdly shaped head.  I do.  I know this because there was a time in my life where I cut ALL my hair off (it was short before any girls under the age of 65 did that!) and my head was kind of crazy-shaped…Now even though I know my head is like an egg, I still attempt the headband. Every single time I have tried to wear a headband to exercise, it falls back and makes a crazy backwards mushroom with my hair.  Some just slip constantly and then I have to take them off mid-workout, and then curse myself right out of the mood- very distracting, the long bang.

There is good news for this drawn out story! These don’t slip.  Bolder Bands™ stay put.

I can make them narrow or wide on my head, because just one part of the band is sewn, and the rest is folded; so you can expand the coverage of the folded part, so it fits your gargantuan forehead (ehem, that’s mine!)  So I like them. That is the only real reason to wear one while exercising.  They work at doing what they are supposed to do- keep your hair back off your face.  If I cut my hair again, you can bet I will buy stock in these! They come in so many cute colors- you can check out their website to see all the products, which include but aren’t limited to: Active-bands, Bro-bands, Sorority-bands… and a lot more!

In short, they are made in the USA (lovelovelove) and have sizes(!) so even weird heads like mine will do well with this headband, and they are easy to wash (love).

You can check them out yourself, because

#1: I have a Giveaway {Whoot!} It is for a Regular Sized Band- the color is the same as the one I am wearing above (kind of pink-hawaiian).  Regular sized fits heads that measure 21″ – 22.5″ inches.  Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Winner must be 18 or over, have a US postal address & offer is void where prohibited. Contest runs through June 17th. Winner will be selected and notified on June 18th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

#2: I also have a 10% discount for you, if you aren’t really a winner…I KNOW you are a winner, but if you are ‘one who doesn’t win things’ then this is your guy:

You ALL can use the code HAG10off at check-out to receive 10% off your order now until June 30th!

Because I want you to *win* lots of fun things in life, I am linking up with Erica Finds and Running With SD Mom.


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  1. Nikki Fahey

    No more fitbit. I got really sick or sicker than I was with taking that over the top. just headband. old watch?

  2. Cat

    Hahaha I have a weird shaped head too! Well, I suspect I do – hats never fit it right. But headbands I can get behind! No one needs to see my sweaty forehead 😉

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