Road Tripping

The Ocean, photo source: public domain

The Ocean, photo source: public domain

I just can’t wait. A road trip is due. I am the type of person that is a true homebody. I like to stay home all week, all weekend, and given the choice of going out or staying home, I often prefer the latter.

Except when I have had enough. When my cup is full and overfull with the gladness of home, I need to leave. A long, therapeutic drive, does wonders for my head.

It actually doesn’t have to be that long. Even a trip to the coast, which for us is a one hour drive, does the trick.

Jamestown, R.I. Has to be one of the prettiest places by the coast that is still not overrun by huge houses and tourist-traps. A simple picnic lunch, rock walk, and trip to the ice-cream shop was a perfect family day that suited my mood perfectly today.

Out of our regular routine, we all took the time to listen to each other more as we watched the waves roll in, and breathe in the ocean air. It was nice. It felt normal. It made coming home to Sunday getting ready for Monday, so much easier. It was the re-charge we all needed.

Do you have a favorite way to recharge the mental-batteries? I’d love to know! If you love to road trip, please share your favorites as I am always looking for a new adventure!