Running Back to Basics: Run, Roll & Read

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So my goal this week is to actually get out there on pavement and run.  I have been waking up early on M, W, F but just doing a stretching, weights sequence without cardio…I have honestly been kind of lazy- and also tired.

I have a goal of doing a 6.2 mile race at the start of May, so I am putting my running schedule here.  Of course the schedule is for atleast 8 weeks, and I start at 5…always late to the party. Why would I do a race again…Because I actually really like it.  Did you read my kindness post? The truth is regular running or exercise makes me a kinder person. Truly.  I am kind of grouchy and feel happier with those exercise hormones kicking in.

So here is my proposed 10k Training Schedule– based on a mix of Jeff Galloway (kind to my body) and Hal Higdon, but tweeked to include weights and days to cross-train at the gym (spin or HIIT class).  See how I jump right into week 9? I am not sure that is what they intended? I am sure they did not!

Wk Ends Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
April 4 stretch & rest 3 m run & weights 35 min cross 2.0 m run + strength 50 min cross weights 4 m run
April 11 stretch & rest 3 m run & weights 40 min cross 2.0 m run + strength 50 min cross weights 4.5 m run
April 18 stretch & rest 3 m run & weights 40 min cross 2.0 m run + strength 50 min cross weights 5 m run
April 25 stretch & rest 3 m run/ weights 45 min cross 2.0 m run + strength 60 min cross weights 5.5 m run
MAY 2 stretch & rest 3 m run /weights 30 min cross 2.0 m run + strength 60 min cross Rest 10-K Race

The reason why I said Jeff Galloway’s plan is “kind” to my body is because he recommends walk breaks.  Now, I have been ingrained in my life, to never walk when running, but I do love to walk as an exercise by itself (never the two shall meet!)  But Galloway says walking like this in his plan prevents injury- something I am all about these days!  I think since I am jumping in the middle of the plan, this will also help to get myself used to the mileage again- off a treadmill!

Here are his “Walk Break Ratios

8 min/mi run 4 min / walk 35 seconds 9 min/mi run 4 min / walk 1 min 10 min/mi run 3 min / walk 1 min 11 min/mi run 2 min 30 sec / walk 1 min 12 min/mi run 2 min / walk 1 min 13 min/mi run 1 min / walk 1 min 14 min/mi run 30 sec / walk 30 sec 15 min/mi run 30 sec / walk 45 sec 16 min/mi run 30 sec / walk 60 sec

So for me, If I pace myself at a moderate 10 minute mile, I would run for 3 minutes, then walk for one, continuing until the run is finished.  If I can get over myself and just walk a little to try this out, I could be doing my legs a big favor until they get in better shape. {Read: To train for a fall race!}


Use a roller like this every run to get deep tissue massage- great injury prevention.

Clearly I am wary of injuring myself again.  I had a lot of IT band issues and pain around my knees when I was doing long runs last fall. I have learned to use my foam-roller every day that I run and stretch a lot more than I needed to when these legs were younger…and also do a lot more hip opening moves and stregthening, So hopefully that will also fend off any IT band problems that lead me to distress!


On a side note, another blog that I read, Fitful Focus did a review on and recommended a book called:  Dr. Jordan Metzel’s Running Strong: The Sports Doctor’s Complete Guide to Staying Healthy and Injury-Free for Life.

In light of my previous injury, and the fact that the author of this book is a Doc at Hospital for Special Services (HSS), a renowned hospital for orthopedics (thanks MoonDog for the education on this) leads me to want to read this ASAP.  “Injury free for life”? I’m in!

So to sum up my motivation for the next few weeks: RUN, ROLL, READ.

Easy, right?  We’ll see!

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