We’ve been planning to take the girls  to Disney for about a year now…no reservations made however.  Every time I think a good weekend comes up to do it, I check with our babysitters (read: grandparents) and then we hash it out, and then we pencil it in the calendar and don’t make a call or put $ on it.   Something always comes up.  We have too many meetings, birthday parties, surgeries, games, work or whatever that gets in our way.  I know what you are thinking: prioritize.  plan.  pay.

Any of these would work…I will.  Tonight when I get home (the best laid plans!) I will sit down with MoonDog and we will plan it out.  We will buy the tickets. We will.

After I get home and make dinner and we tub the kids, make sure homework is done and read to the kids and let them read to us, and put all to rest…we will.  Check in tomorrow.