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On Monday, I am going to a talk by Michael Margolis, of Get Storied.  He writes, speaks, blogs on reinvention, branding, culture, connection, and change.  Phew! I am really looking forward to a creative and thoughtful workshop, and am reading this book of his now:

The premise of the book is that by understanding my own life as a “story” and then making the “story”, my personal brand will change my life for the better.  If we think about our lives in a bigger-picture kind of way, as a life-long story to tell, it creates a backdrop for how we want to live our lives moving forward.  I know what my past looks like, and that is a story, for sure- and not one that I always want to tell… But understanding how I want it to look as a larger picture, and how I want to live authentically may help to guide my daily life as I build it.  Hmmm.  Still reading, but I will let you know what I think and how the workshop goes.

If you decide to order from the link above,  I may get a portion from the sale, but it won’t affect your price. Ummm, $2.99 for the kindle version? Or free as a download from his website. Easy. And it won’t affect what I think of the book in the long run…so stay tuned!


This was such an inspiring day! Today’s workshop with Michael Margolis was really interesting from a branding and blogging point of view.  The main idea behind “Getting Storied” is engaging in a conversation with your customers/patrons/users.  The listening is as important as the telling.  Understanding what you want before you make changes to get there…So true don’t you think?  Resonated with me on a professional and personal level.  And to make it even better, I got to visit with a friend who I didn’t know was going too, and we got to sit together and do a workshop as partners.  Nice.  Oh! I almost forgot- they had tabouli and hummus for lunch offerings too.  Winner! (You know it always comes down to food, people…)

I came away, wanting more, and if you are interested too, his resources and toolkits are available from the website.
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