Spring Cleaning Plan

spring clean

So I am out of mojo.  Day 2 of Whole 30 is a big focus, but real-life pushes us along, as the laundry piles up, right next to the little dust bunnies that have accumulated over a long winter.

But! The good news is that I have company coming to visit…and that means I will finally clean!

Isn’t that so true? I always do a once over here and there during the week, but never do I do a complete top to bottom cleaning unless someone is coming to stay over- My kids actually will ask, if I start dusting, “Is someone coming over?”!  I have stopped being shocked by this.  Or embarrassed for that matter! I have talked to too many other moms whose lives kind of go the same way as mine, to feel that I am alone in this relationship with cleaning my house.

There are a few things that make me motivate to clean:

  1. dirt
  2. someone coming to visit
  3. a new cleaning product to use
  4. a list/plan to complete

So, the good news is that I have fulfilled all four of these criteria! I have dirt, my mom is coming to visit, I have an awesome new microfiber set, and I have a plan:

I must clean today!

My plan isn’t really a plan- but more like a limit to what I am willing to do!  I gave myself 6 days to do an entire overhaul: more than a few days, but less than a week.  For my mom’s visit, It will be a speed clean, involving Day 1 and Day 2 (since she stays in the spare room, AKA the toyroom).  The rest of the days will get done, probably next week when our schedules sort of allow for it.

spring clean


Wish me luck~ Are you spring cleaning?