Staying Motivated When You Really Don’t Want To


mojoI need ideas for how to stay motivated! I am 7 weeks away from running my 2nd marathon. 7 looooonnnnng weeks.  I can’t seem to get it in my head that I need to eat better, or run more. My long runs continue to be thee wake up calls that I seem to hit the “snooze” button for.

I keep asking myself: “How will I be ready to run 26(.2!) miles? My 8 mile run yesterday was sooooo hot and…well, boring! And I still find it hard to push myself to stay on plan or consistently eat better.

When you feel like not exercising, or not eating well anymore, or pushing yourself, what motivates you to keep going?

  • Exercising with a group?
  • Setting concrete goals?
  • Joining an online tracker?
  • Facebook posts of your workouts every day?

It is hard some days, and I hope you all can give me some good ideas how you “keep on keepin’ on” when you’d rather sleep in! I discuss it a little more over on the blog, Fit Approach.  I hope you feel free to leave some fruitful comments and ideas!


2 thoughts on “Staying Motivated When You Really Don’t Want To

  1. Lucie Palka

    For me, signing up for something (like a race) is motivation motivation enough. Also finding a partner in crime might help keep you accountable. Although we live 500 Km apart, my twin sister and I encourage each other every day through texting and email. Other times, I just put on my running clothes, drag my feet and go through the motions anyway.

    1. Post author

      You are so lucky to have a twin- I hope my twins are always there for eachhother like that! I also “just do it” so to speak, in order to get it over with, but I’d love to ENJOY it more!

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