Strawberry Fruit Leather

So this is the 2nd time that I’ve tried this. If you read my post on Million dollar strawberries, you know that I have a large amount of strawberries in my freezer. This is a perfect way to use them. My older kids won’t touch them, as they are artificial-ingredient-only purists, but my little guys eat these up! And I have zero guilt, because it is basically dehydrated strawberries – nice!

I found this recipe on another blog, and have since found it on several others, but they are all essentially the same. The recipe is thawed strawberries, a bit of sugar, and blend until smooth. Put on a sheet pan that has been covered in parchment (not wax paper) and buttered (okay- so that is weird, but it works). Put it in the lowest temperature for your oven and wait for them to dry out. My oven’s lowest temperature is 170°, so I do 6 hours on 170° and then turn the oven off overnight with these in there, to dry out. If they are tacky to the touch, that is good; But if they are wet, just keep them in there- you can turn it back on again if you need to… Just make sure they are all dried and not wet. Then cut and roll.

I am still going to try to strain the mixture from the blender and then put on white parchment, instead of the non-bleached parchment, to try to convince my girls these are bad for you, so they’ll eat them!