Strawberry Jam

So yesterday, I made strawberry jam.  Between a morning jog, shower, nap for the twins, and kindergarten drop off, I made jam.

It was a success! I say this with surprise, because the last time that I made jam it didn’t work… The pectin was old, so I ended up with 8 jars of strawberry syrup- yuk!

I don’t have any canning paraphernalia with the exception of the jars but I think if I had the right tools, it would be a weekly adventure of canned peaches, pickles, and homemade sauce that kept at the ready would be quite a security blanket for my meal planning and attempt at saving money.  Plus, it would be fun to do with the kids.

As it was, my younger daughter did some of the washing, and quite a bit of the mashing of the berries.  She lost interest though as she realized that it is isn’t fun to make something that you don’t like to eat- she hates jam.  Loves peanut butter, but hates jellies and jam. Off she went.

Good to remember: don’t cook what you don’t like.  It isn’t fun.

Back to the successful jam… Isn’t it pretty?