Summer Vacation Bucket-List (Printable)

Have you made your list yet? Did you start already?! Without me?! Whaaa…t?!

Tell me what you are doing! I would love some ideas.

Tonight I am sitting down with my kids to come up with some grand plans for our summer days. Since I work 3 days a week, and essentially have 4 day weekends (whoot!) this summer, I can plan some little getaways, and also fit in some playdates with friends who we don’t see very often, or some camps or day-trips.

I am armed with 2 paper calendars, my brochures of ideas, and now I need my list:

Summer Bucket List


Isn’t it perfectly cute?

You can print it here.  I plan on filling this baby right up and maybe off the page! There are atleast 30 things that I want to do- whether I can afford to do them all is another issue all together.  I will fill up half with freebie fun things and the other half with the cost-a-few like the drive-in movies, or the water-slides. EEEeeee! So fun- SCHOOL is OUT!!!

Have a fun weekend!