Swearing & Foxes

So I have a mouth of a sailor.  That is to say that I swear a lot.  Too much so, and more when I am around any of my family and close friends.  Weird and distasteful.  I really dislike it when other people swear, so I am generally trying to get better, but the more stress that I have, the better  worse I get at it.  And I am lately, very stressed.  This is a problem around my kids, and there are so many of them, that one is likely to be around when mommy says a “bad word.”  UGH.

So…totally unrelated to this, is the new interest that my children (and I too) have in watching viral YouTube videos.  BatDad is a HUGE favorite with us- and imitating him provides us all with endless laughs and scratchy coughs.  Our second favorite is the Ylvis song, “What does the Fox Say?”  The #1 video and crazy hit that I brought to the attention of the kiddos after my crazy spinclass on Halloween that featured this song.  Hysterical and awesome describe the dry humor (that your kids will not understand) and the song is really very catchy and fun.  It brought me right back to the 80’s videos that would feature this kind of hunky-guy crooning, but now we all laugh at.  So fun. (See the end of this post to view them.)

And while the imitation of BatDad usually involves a cape and a crazy voice, “What Does the Fox Say?” naturally involves lots of dancing and singing around the kitchen.

So when my boys, who are still developing their speech, belt out the song, it sounds more like:

“What the FOC say!?” (…and then they proceed to boogie and boogie HARD.)

Startled? I was.  “Did you say…?  Pause for brain to catch up.  “Oh…, F-O-X.”

Not, #-$=% (Sounds like FOC)!

Love it.  Now, when I want to give my best worst swear word, I just yell, “What the FOC say?!” and we all dance.  Takes the stress right out.  Makes me laugh.  Makes me not swear.  Thank you Ylvis.  Thank you speech development delayed.

See them, and tell me I am wrong. Fox, No.