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How Did I Get to Be the Mom of a Ten Year Old?


Time flies. I remember my friend visiting us and taking this picture. My daughter couldn’t even ride the bike- we had to pull her with this rope around the block and it would take close to 20 minutes!

Flash forward to today, where a bike ride around the neighborhood for her is only 2 minutes!

10 years old for this girl. She has grown up sosososososo fast it seems. There are so many times that I wish I had done things differently…She always seemed to being growing up so fast. Sometimes have to slow myself down enough to really see how young she still is at 10 years old. She is still this little one. How did I get so lucky? I have no idea what I did, or if I will pay for it later, but I am one of the luckiest moms around.

Today we will have time together. We are taking the time- I just want to hold onto it (and to her). At least for another day.

Twin’s Birthday Party…The Un-Party.


As my previous posts will tell, I am in the midst of trying desperately to de-clutter my house. So the idea of having a birthday party for not one, but two boys, with lots of presents and favors to organize into our current mess seemed so overwhelming and needless. And as life of the busy family will go, the juggling of so many daily routine tasks seems to magnify in March. It is a very busy month for us, and the boys’ birthday seemed to come of a sudden and without warning… I wasn’t ready in the least! No cake, no party, no presents. Hmmm. So I pulled it out, and over three days of not planning, but slowly assembling, the Un-party came to be:

• Relaxed breakfast of their choice
• Presents opened and played with for a few hours first thing in the morning
• Bowling with friends (not a kid party!) at the bowling alley, which happens to have great pizza, which we had along with some lemonade and mozzarella sticks.
• Picked up the cake at Walmart- didn’t want to , but I have to admit it was an awesome cake, and the woman-decorator was also awesome and nice and non-judgemental that I ordered the cake 2 hours before I was to pick it up on a Sunday…just saying. I could have made it…
• But I made meatballs for dinner instead.

The guys were so happy with opening their presents first thing in the morning. We had cake right before dinner (!), so some family could leave early but still sing the “Happy Birthday” song… and the boys LOVED their cake. They loved their day. Relaxed parents, fun with their toys, and family over for dinner. Nice. Low-key, and not at all a Pinterest-type of post. But very much, a real, a happy birthday celebration. Lucky me.