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My 6 Favorite Bloggers for Passover

My 6 Favorite Bloggers for Passover | Hardly A Goddess

If you don’t know this about me, I celebrate Passover, as I am Jewish. My husband and 4 kids are Catholic. We are what you would call maybe “interfaith” but I like to just call us: Flexible and open-minded. We all like what we do, and appreciate and respect one another’s beliefs. That said, you will note that I celebrate many Jewish holidays right along side the Christian ones. That was how I was raised and also sort of how I am doing it myself.  No matter what religion you are I have found 6 great blogging sites that have great recipes, most of which are for Jewish cooking or kosher cooking. During Passover, I like to find recipes that are  Kosher, easy to make and family friendly/adaptable to non-Kosher eaters.

Passover recipes are easy to come by, just like any other recipes, but to find tried and true, real “family” recipes I have found a few go-to sites that make my inter-faith life so much easier. I can adapt recipes during Passover to fit the lifestyle of my family, who don’t all necessarily have to eat this way but I like to. Here are six of my favorites to pull ideas from, during Passover or any time of year that you are looking for Jewish recipes or cooking:

Kosher on a Budget
I love this blog. It loads kind of slowly sometimes, but she is rich in recipes here and has menu plans (Ahhhhhmen!) specifically for the Passover week in addition to all the time. I love her Crockpot Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls.

Family Friends Food
This one is all about the food. The Overnight Matza Breakfast Bake looks perfect when you are sick of the same old egg and matza, and craving a little sweet. Since it is a UK blog, some recipes are measured in grams instead of (the U.S.) ounces, cups, etc. I consider this is blogging-find!

The Kosher Baker, AKA Paula Shoyer
Not so much the blog, but the book…I borrowed her New Passover Menu book from my library and can I tell you?… I made Passover Crumb Cake muffins(p.88)…yes, muffins! So good and moist- not crumbly. I am in love. I also made her Chicken Scaloppini with Mushrooms (p.81) and I will be making this make-ahead chicken all year! I love that it is designed to make ahead and reheat. If  you need more of these kind of recipes this is for you- and it was so, so good! I highly recommend her recipes!

Kosher for Passover Muffins | Hardly A Goddess

Never mind my finger here…or the Santa muffin wrappers…I told you we are an “Interfaith” household!

Joy of Kosher
So, this blog makes me feel bad about myself. She is amazing and has tons of awesome recipes for all year round, and also for the Matza-driven masses. Tons of cute Seder ideas for kids and other lovely things here. Worth a peek…or 2 hours!

What Jew Wanna Eat
I just like the name of this blog, so I went here and found tons of great recipes to choose from. A fun tone and superb pictures to lead you where you want to find deliciousness! This Matza Ball Chicken Tortilla Soup has me ready to make this NOW! Great food here.

Overtime Cook
All about good food, easy food, and lots of different food. She is a young and accomplished home-cook that has a great take on making family friendly kind of meals. I like the simple ingredient and kid-friendly Passover ideas that this blog offers.

Soooo that is it! I hope you take a peek at some of these sites (and one book!) since I have spent more than a little time looking at them, my Passover menu has already improved! Next year I think I will try a menu plan to pull lots of these ideas from. Have a Happy Passover!

One Word to Sum Up 2016: Enjoy

Last week I got outside to walk every day. Well…until the stomach bug got me. Then I started up again this week, and I am 2 days into getting outside for a little walk. Not far. Just 30 minutes or so. Sometimes alone, and other times with someone. Walking with someone feels particularly good, since it is undivided attention between you and another person, to have an uninterrupted conversation. No cell phones, television, children, computers. It is very, very nice.

I am enjoying my walking so much, and this slow-down pace, but I feel the urge creep in to plan for a race. And I will. For now, I am concentrating on eating better, and slowly regrouping with my exercising, in order to ENJOY it again. I am a big fan of clichés, and “Life is short” is my mantra lately. Focusing on enjoying.

If you read blogs at all, you may have noticed that it’s a trend this year, to pick one word to drive your goals for the year.  I really like this idea,  but it is troublesome. I have stumbled over this idea in my mind for a few days trying out different words in my mind.

Would I choose:

Consistency? That would be a good one for my daily schedule. Lord, I need more consistency.

Drive? I need a push and to push myself on the daily for sure.

Love? Yes, I should let love be the deciding choice every day, and wtih every aspect of what I do.

But I am not able to choose just ONE word. It is really much harder than I thought.  Perhaps, then it should be:

Decisiveness. Assertiveness. Focus. 

Making up your flippin’ mind!

So I like Enjoy.enjoy2016

Enjoying whatever I am doing, atleast a little bit. So…Maybe I don’t enjoy scrubbing the toilet- but I do enjoy a clean house! Finding the joy in the little things, maybe, will help me focus on the bigger goals this year. There are worse things. Like not-enjoying. Anti-joy. Un-enjoy.

What would you pick for your one word? I am so curious to know what others are choosing! Let me know in the comments on this post.

HAG’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

hag top 10 blog posts 2015So here’s the low-down on my year of blogging.

These are my top 10, most viewed posts from the past year:

#1: Twins: My Best Tips for Twin Moms to Stay Sane
#2: 8 Years Old! Everafter High Girls Birthday Party
#3: 5 Great Chicken Recipes to Get Out of a Dinner Rut
#4: Review: Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products
#5: Potato Pancakes Redux: Whole 30 Healthier Version
#6: Day 31: End of Whole 30
#7: E-cloth Review
#8: Menu Plan Monday: March 15-21
#9: Menu Plan Monday: Week 1, Whole30
#10: Cleaning the Car Without Chemicals: E-cloth Review

What?! This is crazy.

Seriously. This is troublesome for me, since I thought recipes were my reason for my blog-being. That and maybe some health-posts…which don’t even register here. Also, I have all but decided to give up on menu plan posts, but these got tons of hits this past year. Why? Menu plans are boring! I am now wondering what I think people most like to read about here on my blog, and I think, you are as confused as me! I write about quite a variety of topics, from twin-mom stuff to cleaning the car, to reading a book to the latest diet…Too much of a good thing?  Perhaps.  My goals this year encompasses the DIY-ing of my house into a home that I want to live in, and making food that I want to eat, and reading great books and trying out great products. I literally just want to share ALL the things with you!

I am quiet blog-wise this past week and maybe for a few more days…planning what this Hardly A Goddess (Master of None, Jackie of All Trades) Blog will be in the next year. Whatever it will look like, it will look different from last year.  Staying the same is not interesting to me. Change is good. Change is growth. Change is interesting. I hope you will continue to read and live a little life here with me.

I thank you for viewing whatever you decide to on this blog. No matter the “top” views…I will keep on – keepin’ on.  Have a wonderful New Year!