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Book Review: Super Genes: Unlock the Astonish Power of Your DNA

As a book reviewer, I received a copy of this book for free from Blogging For Books to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation and as always my review and opinion is 100% my own. Links within the post are affiliate links (read full disclosure).

I had high hopes for this book. I really respect Deepak Chopra as a thoughtful mind in the mind/body arena. I think though the last time I read a book by him it was Ageless Body, Timeless Mind…which was in 1993. So maybe I don’t remember his writing style or maybe since Super Genes was also written by Rudolph Tanzi, the writing was a giant leap for me to get over. I had to skip past the first 80 pages, which is essentially Part 1 of the book, until I could get my head around relating to any concepts the authors were trying to express.

At page 80 though, we finally got to some ideas that I can understand, and this section is Part 2 of the book.

Diet: How the “laissez-faire taken toward fast food by many Americans(p87)” is doing us more harm than we think. It’s not all about calories and fat my friends. Inflammation response in your body after eating fast food, can last 5 hours! And we have been hearing a lot about inflammation as the cause to so many of our problems. BUT they point out, we can counteract inflammatory foods by eating non-processed foods with them, and the book offers Easy Choices, Harder Choices, and Experimental Choices for people to take to try to change their diet for the better.

This Easy, Harder, Experimental Choice theme repeats itself in the book, with other topics like:

  • Stress
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Sleep
  • Emotions

In each there is definite scientific analysis going on, so it can get technical to slog through, but I like that they were basing their suggestions on actual studies that were done.

Finally, Part 3 of the book speaks to the title of the book: connecting the brain and body, summarizing with:

Cooperate with your body’s wisdom.
Don’t oppose your body’s wisdom.
Increase your body’s wisdom (p230).

Wisdom being knowledge from experience. Your body’s wisdom. And they go on to speak of the 9 essentials of cells and when one is out of whack, it can set your whole body out of sorts. Hmmm. Stuff to think about for sure here, and much of it is “big-head” thinking. But this chapter gets into the adaptation of our cells that can modify its DNA as it adapts to its environment (whew!).

I think the concepts are here in this book and solid and super interesting. Genetics are so fascinating as they approach our own understanding of serious diseases like Cancer or Alzheimer’s. But I teach college students how to perform research for my “day job” and this book is sort of geared toward research or a higher level of reading than a general audience. If you enjoy facts and figures and science behind your non-fiction reading, then you may enjoy this. For now I can only give it a light recommendation for an everyday read.

As a book reviewer, I received a copy of this book for free from Blogging For Books to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation and as always my review and opinion is 100% my own. Links within the post are affiliate links (read full disclosure).

Cookbook Review: Simple Green Suppers

Simple Green Suppers, by Susie Middleton, and photos by Bandi Baird
Description from NetGalley (thanks to them for my copy):

125 recipes for complete one-dish vegetarian suppers that pair pantry staples with fresh ingredients–perfect for nonvegetarians aspiring to eat a more plant-based diet.

Available on Amazon, April 11th
Paperback, Kindle

Thank You to Roost Publishers and NetGalley for my free e-copy. There are affiliate links in this post, meaning if you click on them, I am compensated. It in no way affects your costs or my opinions. Read my full disclosure.

Can I just say, if I could eat paper, I would eat this book! I love her pictures of beautiful food. I am always trying to eat more vegetables and trying even harder to keep it interesting- I seem to make roasted vegetables over and over, until now I am sort of just done with them! Vegetables can be sort of, well…boring. I needed some inspiration.

This book gave me just that. I love the sound of these recipes of hers:

Broccoli Raab and Creamy Goat Cheese Baked Pasta Gratin…YUMMMM

Quinoa & Bean Salad with Tomato-Nectarine-Curry Dressing…WhaaaT?

Two-Potato Red Onion & Bell Pepper Taco with Lime-Chipotle Sauce….The sauce alone, guys!

The Contents are separated into:

  • Noodles
  • Grains
  • Beans
  • Leaves
  • Toast
  • Tortillas
  • Eggs
  • Broth

There is an intro and follow up in each chapter and the book for essential techniques…I didn’t love the overkill on this, as I sort of know how to cook the basics, but if you are a newbie, this would be really helpful information on the “how-to’s” of cooking vegetables and handling ingredients, like “Tips & Strategies for Tortillas.”

Because I am in LOOOOOVE with the toast chapter, I made this ridiculously good avocado toast- Now don’t be dismissive! Avocado toast recipes are a dime a dozen, right now, but this one is special: pickled beets and deliciousness abound. My hubs went crazy for this, and we had to have it two days in a row! So good:

Avocado Toast with Baby Kale, Blue Cheese, Pecans, Quick-Pickled Radishes, and Honey

Simple Green Suppers Avocado Toast

Ridiculous, right?! So freaking good. I don’t think my pics do this justice at all- I was rushing through taking them, so I could stuff this in my mouth! The blue cheese and pecans were deal breakers for me- this is my new toast.

If you need veggie inspiration like I did, then this book is for you. This book is going on my gift list this year for sure! For everyone.

You are welcome- and Thank You to Roost Publishers and NetGalley for my free e-copy. There are affiliate links in this post, meaning if you click on them, I am compensated. It in no way affects your costs. Read my full disclosure.



Inspire Me: Tough As They Come, a Book Review


bookreview tough as they comeBook review time! I have been able to read a lot lately, due to sickness falling on my house like a torrential rain storm! The rainbow at the end of that storm is that I have been reading a lot…and also adding lots and lots of titles to my “to-be-read” pile, and it’s just about to fall over! Seriously, guys, my local library has got to be sick of seeing me! Well, lucky for them (and for me), I sometimes receive free books from publishers and this one today is from Blogging for Books

Tough As They Come, by SSG Travis Mills- a thank you to them.

This is the hardcover, cover image.

While I don’t usually read non-fiction for fun, this one compelled me. I love a motivational story. A personal story. A life that has been tested and trialed, and the person came out strong and able to teach me something from their experience. I love that. This title was amazing. I have to be honest- it was written from the point of view of someone I have not much in common with: a man, a twenty-something, an ex-football player, a military person (there are lots of acronyms in here!) . But right away I was impressed by his perspective on life:

We all have our unique challenges to go through. The point is that you can keep going. You can choose to never give up. You can choose to never quit. [Tough As They Come]

Of course this isn’t literally true in every situation- there is always a time to grieve or get angry…but Travis Mills’ story, where he lost 4 limbs- he is one of only five surviving soldiers who have lost 4 limbs; This is his story of positivity, and choosing to laugh whenever he possibly could.

I can’t help but be inspired by his service, and as a non-military person, I am thankful. As someone who really doesn’t know what all those acronyms mean, or a deployment looks like, or what time home actually would entail, I liked the straightforward exploration into a life in the Army. It details a life in the military both at home on leave from deployment or working from base, and also in the middle of Afghanistan.There is a lot of detail about his time in the (literal) trenches, and also his relationships with people in his life.

But what I am amazed by is his attitude. He reflects how he always had the confidence that he would come out all right- even while laying in the helicopter, four days before his 25th birthday, with no arms or legs…

I am not a huge fan of overt “faith” or religion-based writing, and I was worried this book would preach to me, but it doesn’t and he doesn’t. He is faithful for sure, but it comes through as a revelation in the end of the book, not as a driving theme of the story.

My Take: Recommended
There is much more to this book than I am describing here. If you like memoir, or real life stories of inspiration, this book fits that slot. I really got a lot from this book, and have been sharing his story with my kids as a model for overcoming negative thoughts and finding faith in hard times.

Since this book came out last year, it’s available as paperback and kindle versions as well as hardcover and free if you have an Audible account!

*Disclosure: This post  may contain affiliate links. I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review, and as always my opinions are solely my own, and unaffected by any compensation that I receive.