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What’s on Your Nightstand? April Edition

Let’s talk about BOOKS! It’s the last Tuesday of the month, and I actually got a lot done as far as reading goes this April, but not nearly as much as last month… but I was reading and I am slowing getting through my pile! Scroll through and have your Goodreads account open- there are lots you will add to your “To Be Read (TBR)” piles!

nightstand (2)

*This post contains affiliate links, where if you click on them and make a purchase, I make a small percentage. I include them so that you can find what I am referencing and loving!*

“The Blended Book (Tbb)” reads:

Actually, this month, the TBB group had 4 chosen books, only 2 of which I wanted to read.

The first, was Small Great Things, by Jodi Piccoult:

I really enjoyed this book and am still thinking about it a week later! It is classic Jodi Piccolt, where you learn a lot about a topic and also see all sides of a story. I always like this approach, as I love to learn about new important topics, and I also tend to see all sides of an issue myself, so this resonates with me. The topic is racism both explicit and unintended. How interesting and disturbing and uncomfortable it was to read how I myself have privileges that are assumed, rather than earned as opposed to people who feel they are under a microscope to constantly prove themselves. A current issue and very important to read books that challenge ourselves like this. I didn’t love it half way through, but her style of writing is so good, that it propelled me forward and the conclusion of the books was very satisfactory for me. I would recommend this for sure for Piccoult fans.

I wanted to read another TBB pick, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, as most of my friends have read and loved this, but I am bogged down with too many other reads in my pile. I did go back and read (listened) to this one from January’s TBB picks and really enjoyed it:

A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman

It was the audio version, and I read My Grandmother Told Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, by the same author, but this was read by a different person. Actually, it was weird because the narrator of this one also read another book, Moonglow (reviewed last month) so I was totally thrown off until the 2nd disk or so. He is such a talented story-teller, this author. I am going to read Brit Marie next, as I just love his writing style- kind of weird characters, showing complete honesty in a sort of dark, but also funny way. Sort of Fargo-like (the movie). It features a man Ove (pronounce, UVah) who is grumpy, and somewhat obsessive/compulsive, and a loner. He lives in a housing complex surrounded by people whom he despises and tries never to deal with, until one day when a new family moves in, disrupting his routine, and his life changes to open him up to the world around him. A beautifully written book. Highly recommend this author.

What I listened to:

 Before the Fall, by Noah Hawley

I loved this audio book. I am not sure I would ever have read this, although it was highly recommended, but as audio, it was really good. About a plane crash and the survivors and how their lives unfold.  There is mystery surrounding the reasons why the plane crashed at all and the book is told backwards from the event, showing each character’s viewpoint (and possible motivation).  While I was mad at myself for picking another plane crash book (Judy Blume’s book), this was quite different in that it is more about the survivors and the crash then the plane industry. Quite a fun little history lesson on Jack LaLane within the story too- Recommended.

Currently, I am listening to:

Comfort Food, by Kate Jacobs

I honestly just picked this up because I needed an audio book STAT- and this seemed interesting: A food-network star ages out of a job and has to reinvent herself and finds that she learns a lot about herself in the process. This author wrote The Friday Night Knitting Club, which was a big hit, so I thought maybe I’d like it. So far, it’s okay. Seems like a Martha Stewart based persona and I don’t really love her, so I am having to remind myself that this is NOT about her, but is Fiction! I am still reading this though, so if you are considering it, I will have more information on my rating on Goodreads later.


Super Genes, by Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi

See my full review from last week.

Reading Now:

Difficult Women by Roxane Gay

OMG. This is an unbelievable book. It is short stories, all about women. Some strong, some crazy. The stories. This book is staying with me. Her ability to get right to the core of who women are and their inner lives is just amazing. I am seriously crushing on Roxane Gay, who if you don’t know her, take a look at this TED talk– it is long, but she is fierce. I like her personality, her views on life, but her writing…whoa. So good! Another of her books, Bad Feminist is on my list!

Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders

I just started this but already I am intrigued by the story of a woman after a dark and abusive relationship, leaves and tries to move on- is she able to move forward with her life get beyond the bad and not only survive, but actually live and possibly love (this IS a contemporary Romance book!)? Her second book just came out, but I wanted to read this first in the series before I moved on- I have put the full series on TBR. This is going to be a fun read, I can tell, but stay tuned for a full review next month!

So that is IT! Whew! I am loving all this reading and wondering if I can keep up the awesome pace as my Spring is just so crazy with kid-events and blogging and job craziness. H.A.G. is supposed to remind us women that we don’t have to do EVERYTHING, we just need to try to enjoy the things that we DO, do. I am enjoying the reading that I’m doing, and the activities too, so I won’t complain- but my house. That is the “something’s gotta give” that gave! I think I will Spring-clean soon…or… at least clean the bathrooms. HAha!

Happy Reading & Doing whatever it is that you ENJOY!

What are you reading? I’d love to know- Lemme’ know in the comments!!

Check out these nightstands at : 5 Minutes for MomBookDate, &  Booknificient along with the Blended Blog Virtual Book Club on Thursday!

What are you reading and loving right now?

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The Last Chance Matinee: Book Review

Guess what? I have your newest fun series to read about women, friendships, small towns, and love matches. Not romance. Not chick-lit. This is women’s fiction which was inspired by a true story (see below) making it that much more compelling. It was a great read and the good news is that it was the first in the Hudson Sisters series, by Mariah Stewart.

I was happy to receive a copy of this book from NetGalley in order to review it, but my opinions are 100% honest 100% of the time! This post contains affiliate links.

Publication Date: March 21, 2017
Publisher: Gallery Books
$16.00 Trade Paperback Original
ISBN: 9781501144905
Fiction, Book 1 in the Hudson Sisters series
Look for Book 2 in 2018 and Book 3 in 2019!

About the Book:

When celebrated and respected Fritz Hudson passes away suddenly, he leaves a trail of Hollywood glory in his wake—and two separate families who never knew the other existed. Specifically, two daughters with one wife and one daughter with the other.

Now Fritz is gone, and the three sisters (Cara, Des, and Allie) are brought together under strange circumstances: there’s a large inheritance to be had, but only if the sisters come together to achieve their given tasks spelled out in the will. Self discovery, open hearts, forgiveness, love, and fairness are themes.

My Take:

Mariah Stewart sets up this first book so nicely by giving us just a taste of all the characters in such a well thought out and realistic way. Three sisters (the Hudsons) who didn’t even know each other are forced into a situation where they live together and must find out why their father never told any of them he was leading a double life.

While you sort of know what is going to happen, it is fun to read about these interesting women and complex emotional lives. I also like the setting, which is a small rural town, with quirky characters and places, and lots of history that relates to the sisters. The book ends on a high note, which I like, as it feels resolved a bit, given that it doesn’t actually come to a conclusion.

In the end, she leaves you waiting for the next book, to see what happens next…and I want to! Like now- but I have to wait. Book 2 comes out next year (2018), and then Book 3 the year after that 2019). Looks like I will have to wait, but I will wait. It was a fun trade paperback women’s fiction/contemporary romance.

I have just loved this book, and Mariah Stewart has written so many books, that now I have to go back and read her other books! In the Hudson Sisters series she has set up the characters so well in this book- Cara sort of was the primary character in this first book, so I wonder if she will feature each sister more in the other books that will follow. Either way, I am excited to find this series, and I hope you will look into reading this first title.

The Real Story That Inspired the Book, from the Preface:

Everyone is familiar with the adage “write what you know”; it’s a saying that has dictated much of my decades-long career in publishing. But this time, it was what I (or rather, my mother) didn’t know that formed the basis for this first book in my new Hudson Sisters series.

When my mother was in her mid-forties, she received a letter from a woman named Alice, the wife of her recently deceased cousin Bill. Alice thanked my mother for the sympathy card she’d sent her, and finished her note by saying, “You do know that Bill was your half brother, right?”

Ah, no. She did not.

Of course, I was fascinated. My grandfather died when I was four or five years old, and I have very little memory of him other than his deep, hearty laugh. I’ve been thinking for years that this foundation of a love child and secret siblings would make a great story; but not knowing all the facts, I was free to fill in the blanks—and so I did. Years passed before I felt I had the right story in my head. This is that story. I hope you enjoy my version of what could happen under such circumstances.

—Mariah Stewart

About Mariah Stewart & the Real Story Inspiring the Book:

image: Goodreads

Mariah Stewart is an award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous novels as well as several novellas and short stories. She lives with her husband and two rambunctious rescue dogs amid the rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, where she savors county life and tends her gardens while she works on her next novel.
*Mariah Stewart’s separate series, the bestselling Chesapeake Diaries, has been a favorite with readers since 2010. The eleventh installment, The Chesapeake Bride, will publish August 29, 2017.

Visit her at mariahstewart.com and follow her on Facebook.com/AuthorMariahStewart and on Instagram @mariah_stewart_books.

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REVIEWS from others:

“The combination of a quirky small-town setting, a family mystery, a gentle romance, and three estranged sisters is catnip for women’s-fiction fans, and the backdrop of the faded movie palace adds a fascinating element to the story. Stewart’s lively, warmhearted series starter [The Last Chance Matinee] will have readers eagerly awaiting the second installment.”


“A good read, with a nice blend of mystery, family drama, and romance. Readers will look forward to the next installment.”

—Library Journal

*This post contains affiliate links, where if you click on them and make a purchase, I make a small percentage. I include them so that you can find what I am referencing and loving!*

What’s On Your Nightstand? H.A.G.’s March Reads

What's on your nightstand - March Edition Reads

Let’s talk about BOOKS! It’s the last Tuesday of the month, and I actually got a lot done as far as reading goes this March…nothing else maybe, but I was reading!

Actually, I have been loving my “The Blended Blog (TBB)” Virtual Book Club picks. They are all fun reading all the time, and honestly for me, if it isn’t fun to read, then I am out- Even though I am a librarian, and reading IS work, it really shouldn’t be- there are enough un-fun things that I have to do every day, and reading should be my respite from that chaos and drudgery, don’t you think?

*This post contains affiliate links, where if you click on them and make a purchase, I make a small percentage. I include them so that you can find what I am referencing and loving!*

So, for the TBB reads, here’s what I read for March:

The Alchemist, by Paul Coelho

This was a re-read for me. It follows a young sheppard, Santiago, through a mystical adventure searching for his dreams, and encountering struggles, lack of language with other cultures, and people who he isn’t sure he can trust or understand. Those who know me, know I love a good self-help book- so I liked the narrative of a spiritual and physical journey and what it can tell us here in this very quick and short book- which I always appreciate. Reflections of following your dreams, deferring a dream, universal languages of love and hate, mis-read first impressions, suffering making us appreciate the value of the gifts run throughout this short story. It’s a nice little nugget of a book that I think, will continue to teach me something every time I read it. Which I will again.

Behind Closed Doors, by B.A. Paris

I feel like I already told you all about this book. Without spoiling it for you, the premise of the book is how things are never what they seem “Behind Closed Doors.” This one was a bit far fetched at points, where I was thinking it took place in the 1950’s the way the female main character gave all of herself (money, power, trust) to her fiance without question and in a short period of time. I could totally get how this could happen, when love first starts, and things are all roses and sunshine- a girl can get lost in the romance of it all, especially if she needs a way out and up from her current life. The book just plays on this to the extreme level, taking the reader through a gripping story. It was riveting, in the same ways as All the Missing Girls was- disturbing like that too. I have decided to lay off the dark-themes for a bit after this one!

The April picks are in right now over on the TBB site, so you can sneak a peak at what I’ll be reading next month. 


The Last Chance Matinee, by Mariah Stewart (full review on March 29th!)
Let’s just say, I loved this. Full review tomorrow and  GIVEAWAY for a hardcover copy of the book, April 3rd!! So stay tuned!

Simple Green Suppers, by Susie Middleton
Okay, so I am buying this for all my people for Holidays 2017! I loved it- and if you love vegetables but are always looking for creative, but easy ways to best make them, then read my full review from last week. Beautiful book!

On my own, just for FUN (yes!):

Paper Girls, Vol. 2, by Brian K. Vaughn
You may remember, that I read volume 1 trying to fill in my Read Harder Challenge picks, and it was dark, and fun, and truly a graphic novel for children of the 80’s and 90’s! In two lunch-breaks, I finished and loved it. Highly recommend a fun graphic novel to change the way you read- the pace and visual-aspect really slow you down in a good way. Worth trying one, and this one was fun.

Listened to:

Nora Webster, by Colm Tóibín 

Such a great read. Aside from the awesome Irish accent by the narrator, I just loved this book. I haven’t read Colm Tóibín before, but he wrote Brooklyn which is a recent box office hit, as it was made into a movie. In Nora Webster, the characters, the setting, and the deep tone of the book just felt so beautifully done. It is about a woman, recently widowed with 4 kids. Her husband was a beloved member of the town where they live in Ireland, and the story begins with her struggles in grief, through trying to live again, and having to raise children who are grieving themselves, while creating a new life of her own. A beautiful struggle, full of humanity and honestly, and I loved every word.

Next on my list of his work!

Currently still reading:

…as I had to put it off to finish the others! 4th in the series by Louise Penny, A Rule Against Murder. Love this series…to death (harhar! …it’s a murder series, get it! I crack myself UP!)

Lined up for April:

Listen: Before the Fall, by Noah Hawley

Read: The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah & Small Great Things, by Jodi Piccoult

Remember: Full review tomorrow and  GIVEAWAY for a hardcover copy of the book, April 3rd!! So stay tuned!

What are you reading? I’d love to know- Lemme’ know in the comments!!

Check out these nightstands at : 5 Minutes for MomBookDate, &  Booknificient along with the Blended Blog Virtual Book Club on Thursday!

What are you reading and loving right now?

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation. It does not affect your price at all. For more information, see my full disclosure page