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Becoming #Unstuffed: Making Room for What You Want

This post is written as part of the Unstuffed Blog Tour, for which I received a free copy of her book in in order to review her book along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more about the blog tour and join us, click HERE. 

Becoming Unstuffed Book Launch | Hardly A GoddessBefore you stop reading this, because I have already posted about de-cluttering, and organizing, and Spring cleaning, and you can’t bear to read another one of those posts….stay with me on this one!  De-cluttering is so often put out there as an organization of your things, and streamlining your stuff, that I think the purpose…the actual reason of WHY you want to de-clutter sometimes gets lost.

I am reading 2 books on de-cluttering right now, and the one that I will share with you today is called Unstuffed, by Ruth Soukup. She is well known in the organizing world for getting rid of ALL of her kids toys one year, and also her 40-hanger rule. I have loved her de-cluttering tips before, but thought this book would be more of the same advice, that I know already and contantly revisit…but it isn’t.

This book is different. Why?Unstuffed | Hardly A Goddess

Because it speaks to the “Why?” and the “What?” and also the “How?”

Why do you want your stuff? How do you want your home to look? What do you want others to feel when they enter your house? How do you want to feel when you’re in it? She asks the root-questions of why we feel we need more stuff, and is it working for us. Is it working? 

For me, the answers took a bit longer than I expected.

We bought our current house 2 months after I delivered my twins. My girls were almost 5 and 3, and my husband had just had open heart surgery 6 months prior. It was a crazy time in our lives, and joyful in so many ways. But packing up our beloved first home, and moving into a new (to us) bigger house, was lot of work that I wasn’t up for. My focus was solely on the kids and especially my two babies…And keeping myself from insanity!  Even thinking about house and home was very much on the back-burner.

Now, 6 years later (sigh) we haven’t really done anything to our “new” house. Nothing. We painted a bit. But minimally. We are finally feeling like we have a little time back to do some of these home improvements. Now that the kids understand to stay away from wet-paint, it is time for some major house-love. Before all this love starts, we need to do the tough-love thing: Get rid the things that we don’t love anymore and have been holding onto, because it might be useful someday, or it was given to us by someone, even though we didn’t need it or want it sometimes.

Unstuffed book review | Hardly A Goddess

This was Day7, last year…Doing it again!

Here is an excert from the first chapter: Living

“The very first step towards becoming unstuffed is being realistic about how we actually use our homes, as well as how we want to use our homes. After all, filling our home with things we don’t need based on a fantasy that will never happen is nothing more than an exercise in frustration. Instead, when we are honest with ourselves and with our spouses about the purpose and function of our living space, it becomes easier to sift out the things that matter from the things that only add to the chaos.”

The idea is to only keep the things that make us happy and that we LOVE.

One of the tips she has in her book  (adapted from a statement from William Morris, I believe) is to get rid of anything that you don’t think is beautiful or makes you happy… Well, I still need furniture, so that probably won’t happen right away! I do need to sit somewhere! But what I can do, is make every room the best that it can be: so that it feels welcoming, clean, clutter-free, organized, useful, and pretty.  I want people to want to be in my home. Not a small task, but taken in little bites, I can make it through the house, piece by piece and make it what we had made in our old house: a home that reflects who we are…well, this messy house kind of does…Errr.  I want the house we live in today to feel good to us, and to make us want to be here!

Declutter your home, mind and soul once and for all in Ruth Soukup’s life-changing new book, Unstuffed. Through personal stories and practical action plans, she will inspire you to finally clear the STUFF that is weighing you down—once and for all.

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Happy October! A New Month-Long Clear the Clutter Challenge!

Happy October. I have a new challenge for you this month!

31 days

Clearing the cobwebs! I want to put up pretend cobwebs at the end of this month and clear out all the real ones! Now I am not talking aboutt mental cobwebs- those, you will have to deal with on your own (ginkobiloba!) The actual fuzz balls hiding the corners of my house are the dust-devils that I want to purge, and I have a plan that will break it down for us over the course of the month, and then I hope November will bring some other projects to ready us for the Eating Day. You may call it Thanksgiving. Ok then… And then there are a few other days in December that I need to get the house ready for, so clearing the path for fun is my end-goal here- are you with me??!!

Just like an archer, we need to be able to see the target, before we can aim to hit it- Let’s set up a plan of attack. Today is the first day of our first week. Each week on Thursday I will post an inspiring organizational tip or hack to motivate you on this project- The beauty of my checklist is that you can do it all in a day, or spread the work out week by week, or over the month. Join me!

clutter free

To keep you motivated all month long, HAG will post daily Facebook and Instagram prompts as well as weekly blog posts. Be sure to follow @hardlyagoddess and be sure to also share your own de-cluttering challenge tips & ideas using hashtag #ClearClutterHAG.

Join the challenge.  The worst that can happen is that you start decluttering and make a little mess.   But the BEST that could happen is that you donate and trash a bunch of stuff you never use and your house and mind are lighter, you have space to organize what you do want to have, and you can think about what you do want or need and make a wish-list for the upcoming holidays!

To join the challenge, click HERE to receive the Clear the Clutter Checklist. Or, you can follow along on at HardlyAGoddess or follow Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Best of all, it’s fun, it’s free, and you are Clearing the Clutter!

Clutter Countdown Day 28: Control Center

Oh man.  This is the 2nd time I am clearing the decks on this one in just over a month!

For whatever reason the “control center” or some call it “command center,” is the catch-all for my family’s crap! Paper, keys, phones, chargers, loose change, school sheets to sign, lunches unpacked from bags, and so much more that can really add up.

Catch all

Take a breath! I know this is gross, but you will see how awesome 30 minutes of my kids plopped in front of a tv show was for me! (read: veeeery educational and child appropriate tv show.  Good mom.)

Anyhoo. Here is more of the “before”:

Clutter Clearing the Command Center

And the shelves up close:

Bookshelves de-cluttered

Gross! Okay, so now drumroll… Er, well.  Here’s the “after”:

After clutter clearing 20141028_112557

See the folders on the right?  that is the area where I keep papers from school for the kids.  The cubbies above this area hold music, sunglasses, and coupons.  The one area I would like to improve, but would need to spend money on (which is not today!) is the wires.  I would love a box that holds electronics and hides them while charging.  I have seen lots and lots but never can quite decide.

I had to show you the  picture of the doors shut, as that is even better, and less cluttered looking! But here is how nice my cookbooks look now:

bookshelf organized


Nice, right? Now I can see them!  Is it fun to see what cookbooks I actually use? I love seeing other peoples bookshelves- especially their cookbooks.  That HUGE blue thing is the cookbook that I use the most: Mine! It has all my cut-outs and copies and go-to recipes that I use over, and over in it, organized like a regular cookbook, except better because I use it all the time! That needs a night of browsing through and organizing all by itself!

So excited for this new little organizing project that was quick to start and finish! My 31 days are almost done! whoowhoot!  The keeping it up and nice and clutter free is the real challenge, and a daily one at that!