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Think Out Loud Thursday: Falling into things

I am going to start “reflecting.” But quickly, don’t worry. Just a theme and a quick thought. Nothing too crazy, to be worried that I am getting too analytical or reflective in all this “free time” of mine!!! Keeping it fun but real:

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About all the things I need to do tomorrow…(from Sportsmomshop.com)

So freakin’ true. If my husband is travelling, all bets are off for anything being on-time or going in a straight line!


I just finished two great books: The Chesapeake Bride , which was romantic & a fast read (click here for the review & giveaway), and Still Here  which is contemporary literary fiction- also fun! (click here for the review of this one).

Now I am reading Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel. It is my town’s book pick of the month which is sort of fun, but I had gotten it for Christmas as a gift and it’s been sitting in my TBR pile! After the first 10 pages, I am already excited to get into this one…stay tuned for more.


Lots and lots of games. My kids are kind of over playing pretend with me, but they ask me every day to play something with them. If it’s not just basketball or soccer in our yard, we choose a game. My favorites (because, really, the mom should pick what she likes I think!) are:


and this SUPER fun and one that I NEVER win, Rubik’s Race:

I love Yahtzee because I know how to play it! It was super easy for my kids to pick up- even the younger 7 year olds can play with my 12 year old or me and still win, which makes them super happy.

And the Rubik’s race is cool since I NEVER win, they can all feel smarter than me, which is of course true, but this way it’s proven!

Listening to…

Nothing. Really just the news on the radio since otherwise I never hear or see news. Boring I know, but my life is not super exciting my friends, and that is a good thing…


Since being unemployed, I bake WAY too much, and cook meals on time. I hear you moms…dinner on time is work! I start really early to get my kids fed before practice- otherwise it is cereal beforehand and something light after that most times is not a real meal.

Moms that work outside the home have it a bit harder I have to say- they have to meal plan and use their crockpots probably twice as often to get a decent dinner on the table. That said, I love this lady and her meal plans, and not just because I am an affiliate- I am an affiliate because I bought her books and plans so often, I figured I should make some money from it!

A Month of Quick & Easy Meals

Planning is key, seriously and I may just start up my meal plans here again- what do you think?

september meal plan


Training for a marathon at the end of October. With my new shoes, I feel cushioned, but with my old body I am not sure I feel ready! We shall see!

Looking forward to…

Wrapping myself up in a blanket…darn it got cold soon, right?!

Favorite of the week so far…

This quote:

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Loving Lately: H.A.G. Favorites for Summer

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Loving Lately: HAG Favorite Things This Summer

For Home

Call me crazy, but since my first job ever was cleaning houses and apartments… I really hate cleaning today. I know how of course, but I need efficiency. I have shared with you my great love for the window cleaning clothes of e-Cloth, and the love continues today:


But I have never shared with you, my great love for this guy:

The Dobie cleaning pads are plastic, so they don’t scratch, like you think they would- so my cast iron pans LOVE this pad, and my pans with cooked on eggs also love this. My ring around the tub loves this, as does the stainless steel grease catcher behind my stove. It also lasts a super long time- like 2 months! You can put it in the dishwasher to disinfect. I love this scrubbie, so I am recommending it today!

For Beauty

Next, I am sharing my new face cream. Nothing fancy so don’t get too excited! Just my normal eye cream turned night cream by Cera Ve.

Um…$13. Yep. That is about my speed these days. $13. night cream. It it not greasy, doesn’t cause pimples, which for old-person skin, that is super good, and also helps with wrinkles. Done. I am so done spending time and money searching out the next great thing for my skin…It is what it is my friends. Water is how I wash it and this is my night cream that I use after I use my Pure Haven Serum. Recommended for other low-maintenance women only. If you botox, you won’t love this. It is way too minimalist for you. Just saying.

For more minimalists out there, I also have been using this Dove dry shampoo like it is going out of stock! Dove is my current brand, and it has been a life saver, fixing my crazy morning bed-head and getting me out the door looking sort of normal- which isn’t easy with short hair…who ever said short hair is easy, has never had short hair- long hair swept up in a pony tail was my go-to style, so this short-hair thing needs product! This is what I use:

And of course since we have been in the sun constantly…I bought a cover-up. Finally. I got it on sale at Athleta, which is normally pretty pricey, but I love this style and the price was right (under $30!)


pic from website for Athleta

For the Kids

My kids are home from school for another month. They don’t go back until after Labor Day! That means I need lots of things to entertain them. My kids’ favorites have been their Legos. Honestly. They are finally old enough to build them themselves and also old enough not to wreck the older kids’ things that are so precious to them. But I am not putting Legos on my list of faves this month, but I am putting the Lego Life App, which is FREE and also a social way to share building cool stuff:

My friend has another Lego app for her 5 year old, called Lego Juinors Create and Cruise and I think it was super compelling and adorable with NO violence- thank you Lego.

For Eating & Drinking

These Spiked Arnold Palmers were a big hit at a recent party- sweet and with a kick! Perfect and easy to bring to a potluck, just remember to label it well to avoid a mix-up with kid-drinks!

Spiked Arnold Palmer Cocktails

and honestly…my favorite thing has been the grill! We are grilling every darn thing around here- like just about baking in it like an oven, to keep from turning ours on! Maybe that is bad, I have no idea, but it’s working, so I will keep going until…well, I will just keep going.

Hope you had some “favorites” this summer too- Leave me a comment so we can share the love!

Loving Lately: HAG Favorite Things This Summer

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you order from one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation. It does not affect your price at all. See my full disclosure page.

Weekly Wrap & Sunday Share

weekly wrap & sunday ShareIt’s Sunday my friends. A day of rest and family for most, and work for others (achem). I think with the new year, I have some new plans to stop spinning this blog like a hamster in a wheel. What do you say, I tell you what I’ve been up to this week and then you share in the comments and tell me what you did? Not the super boring stuff, but the stuff that stands out- Not all good and glitter, but the sticky stuff and maybe if you were lucky the sweet~ I’ll start:

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The blog…and I got published…TWICE!

My  blog network, SheKnows published two articles- which do not appear on the blog, but may soon! One is day-job related with the current topic of fake-news, “Go Tell the Kids: Not All News Is the Same” and the other is why I love and am now a convert to audio-books, “I’ve stopped judging and joined the cult of audiobook fans.”

Image: Paul Bradbury/Getty via SheKnows Media Site

Tops Posts on H.A.G were:

No-Mayo Broccoli Slaw with Pineapple & ArugulaNo Mayo Pineapple Broccoli Slaw

Adrenal Thyroid Revolution: Book Review

Classic Leek & Potato Souppotato leek soup

Music I have been loving:

Simon & Garfunkel- America…yes.

Adele: cover of Bob Dylan, Make you feel my love…..omg. so nice


I took my kids to see Trolls. Great kid movie. I have to say that I always have a hard time taking all my kids (ages 6-11) to watch something that isn’t age-inappropriate or embarrassing to them or to me and that they’d all enjoy, but this movie was great! The story line is positive and basically teaching that happiness isn’t something you put in your mouth (food, alcohol or drugs) is sometimes takes another person (love) to show you how to find it. While I wish it was just teaching kids to find happiness within themselves, it sort of comes close, with the Trolls doing what makes them happiest. Quite nice and the music was awesome- compiled by Justin Timberlake and had recent and retro hits.

The Crown on Netflix: John Lithgow as Winston Churchill is great but all the actors are just tremendous and it is a great binge-watch.

Lots of playoff games for football: the cowboys/green bay game was so exciting, but I now I get to watch my Patriots this weekend! Whoohoot!


Audio: Hagseed, by Margaret Atwood

So so good. I had no idea it was a re-telling of The Tempest by William Shakespeare, and I am glad, since I probably wouldn’t have read it! It was so well written and read…She tells a great story. Loved it and highly recommend.

Paper: Selection Day by Aravind Adiga

Admittedly hard to get into for the first half of the book as it dove into life in India and slang and talk of cricket, of which I learned a bit about- but it took a bit to get used as I was trying to follow both the story and the writing. I read Adiga’s book, White Tiger, which I loved, and I really liked this in the same way. It is Indian life- not like Jhumpa Lahiri, but more gritty, more rough around the edges Indian, if that makes sense. It is intense and full of India and feeling and he writes this to perfection, I think. But as for the story…I didn’t love the ending. Agh! So harder to recommend entirely.

Web: Things I read around the Web: Struggling with Meal Planning for your family at the Savory Nothings Blog- the struggle is real and strong, so I liked this read.

Home Life:

The stomach bug. Did you know that the strep virus can turn into Scarlet Fever? I thought it was a long gone with Helen Keller and the Pioneers…but then my sweet little girl got it, and it took a HUGE toll on her body and scared her and us a bit. She was that baby that you never knew was sick until she had a double ear infection and fever of 104*- a non-complainer. They are the tough ones, and we caught this thing when it was fully bloomed with a rash all over, nausea, and wicked sore throat.

If you give a pig a pancake.Not the book. My version is, “when you give a kid the top bunk…chances are he gets the stomach bug and he’ll get sick all over…” What can I say? I guess what my piece of wisdom to you is…dismantle your bunkbeds if you have them. Not because they are dangerous. Not because they are a pain in the neck to change the sheets…but that leads me to the real why. Because when your kid gets sick on the top bunk, it usually hits the kid and the sheets on the bottom. So you shower them at 3am, since that is when the stomach bug usually hits for some crazy reason, and then you do laundry for days on end. Terrible book, my version.

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