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Weekly Wrap & Sunday Share

weekly wrap & sunday ShareIt’s Sunday my friends. A day of rest and family for most, and work for others (achem). I think with the new year, I have some new plans to stop spinning this blog like a hamster in a wheel. What do you say, I tell you what I’ve been up to this week and then you share in the comments and tell me what you did? Not the super boring stuff, but the stuff that stands out- Not all good and glitter, but the sticky stuff and maybe if you were lucky the sweet~ I’ll start:

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The blog…and I got published…TWICE!

My  blog network, SheKnows published two articles- which do not appear on the blog, but may soon! One is day-job related with the current topic of fake-news, “Go Tell the Kids: Not All News Is the Same” and the other is why I love and am now a convert to audio-books, “I’ve stopped judging and joined the cult of audiobook fans.”

Image: Paul Bradbury/Getty via SheKnows Media Site

Tops Posts on H.A.G were:

No-Mayo Broccoli Slaw with Pineapple & ArugulaNo Mayo Pineapple Broccoli Slaw

Adrenal Thyroid Revolution: Book Review

Classic Leek & Potato Souppotato leek soup

Music I have been loving:

Simon & Garfunkel- America…yes.

Adele: cover of Bob Dylan, Make you feel my love…..omg. so nice


I took my kids to see Trolls. Great kid movie. I have to say that I always have a hard time taking all my kids (ages 6-11) to watch something that isn’t age-inappropriate or embarrassing to them or to me and that they’d all enjoy, but this movie was great! The story line is positive and basically teaching that happiness isn’t something you put in your mouth (food, alcohol or drugs) is sometimes takes another person (love) to show you how to find it. While I wish it was just teaching kids to find happiness within themselves, it sort of comes close, with the Trolls doing what makes them happiest. Quite nice and the music was awesome- compiled by Justin Timberlake and had recent and retro hits.

The Crown on Netflix: John Lithgow as Winston Churchill is great but all the actors are just tremendous and it is a great binge-watch.

Lots of playoff games for football: the cowboys/green bay game was so exciting, but I now I get to watch my Patriots this weekend! Whoohoot!


Audio: Hagseed, by Margaret Atwood

So so good. I had no idea it was a re-telling of The Tempest by William Shakespeare, and I am glad, since I probably wouldn’t have read it! It was so well written and read…She tells a great story. Loved it and highly recommend.

Paper: Selection Day by Aravind Adiga

Admittedly hard to get into for the first half of the book as it dove into life in India and slang and talk of cricket, of which I learned a bit about- but it took a bit to get used as I was trying to follow both the story and the writing. I read Adiga’s book, White Tiger, which I loved, and I really liked this in the same way. It is Indian life- not like Jhumpa Lahiri, but more gritty, more rough around the edges Indian, if that makes sense. It is intense and full of India and feeling and he writes this to perfection, I think. But as for the story…I didn’t love the ending. Agh! So harder to recommend entirely.

Web: Things I read around the Web: Struggling with Meal Planning for your family at the Savory Nothings Blog- the struggle is real and strong, so I liked this read.

Home Life:

The stomach bug. Did you know that the strep virus can turn into Scarlet Fever? I thought it was a long gone with Helen Keller and the Pioneers…but then my sweet little girl got it, and it took a HUGE toll on her body and scared her and us a bit. She was that baby that you never knew was sick until she had a double ear infection and fever of 104*- a non-complainer. They are the tough ones, and we caught this thing when it was fully bloomed with a rash all over, nausea, and wicked sore throat.

If you give a pig a pancake.Not the book. My version is, “when you give a kid the top bunk…chances are he gets the stomach bug and he’ll get sick all over…” What can I say? I guess what my piece of wisdom to you is…dismantle your bunkbeds if you have them. Not because they are dangerous. Not because they are a pain in the neck to change the sheets…but that leads me to the real why. Because when your kid gets sick on the top bunk, it usually hits the kid and the sheets on the bottom. So you shower them at 3am, since that is when the stomach bug usually hits for some crazy reason, and then you do laundry for days on end. Terrible book, my version.

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HAG’s Friday Faves for April

Friday Faves | Hardly A GoddessThis time of year makes me crazy. I need to do list-making brain-dumps all the time. Do you do that? It’s great to get everything out of your head and on paper, so you can start to chip away at that mental “to-do” list and feel a bit less stressed. Although in my case it’s not working. I have too many lists- I have been making brain-dumps all day, every day, so I have piles of lists all around the house! Not ideal. The good part about being busy, is that I am still finding time to do the fun stuff: eating, reading, watching, exercising.

Here’s the low down on what I have been up to and loving for April:

What I Made (Food):

Well, I kind of stuck to my meal plan which looked like this:

Meal Plan for April | Hardly A Goddess

But…I have been loving the mix-up for the Sunday Supper recipes that I have been sharing every Sunday. Last Sunday, I made these…

healthy buffalo chicken kabobs | Hardly A Goddess

And they were a huge hit because they were healthy and kid-friendly! Except the spear that they are on, I don’t mind them for the kids! Actually, I took them off before giving them to the little-ones~ (mother of the year). I am a bit obsessed with Buffalo flavor at the moment. It is kind of a craving that I have been after, so this one fit the bill. Others are my buffalo bites, and Chicken Buffalo Pizza...tonight maybe. Yum!

So Then there are these:

Ridiculously good chips.

And their friend, Mesquite BBQ. These chips have been on my mind since I had them at a nice lunch out…I feel like I need to invest in the company, you know. Like they are so good, I want them to be around forever. I like the small U.S. company product, making good with a gluten free, no GMO, better kind of chip that gives back to charity. In short, I love them.

TED Talks/You Tube/Videos I watched:

This is the only non-work TED talk that I watched this month so far. It’s about how texting is actually changing the use of language and therefore, actual language. One example is the use of “LOL” becoming more a sign of empathy, than of actual laughter. Also, the talk mentioned the phrase “Makes you think” doesn’t show that something or other really made you think, but the text conveys that the person empathizes. I couldn’t agree more! LOL! (oy)

Books Reading:

Well, I finished this beauty of a book, and you can too- because if I read it in 3 days, you can read it in 2! I loved it. As there are lots of book-references in the story, it is great for book lovers, but you don’t need to be a literature fan to appreciate the story and the characters. I loved it.

I am still reading some other things, but I am sifting through my pile(s) still, until next week when I share my entire nightstand!

Shows watching:

There is a new reality show of Alaska (because we needed another Alaskan reality show (not so much!) ), called Alaskan Frontier on Discovery Channel. It is different from all the others, because it is obviously not actors, and there are profiled families in more of a documentary type setting. Quite interesting and in a beautiful setting to watch. I didn’t plan on watching this, so I am happy to have a better show now to enjoy with my reality-show-loving husband! *Warning: there is hunting of animals shown, and outhouse-talk so if the subsistence living thing isn’t your bag, you might not love it!

Image from the show: Alaskan Frontiers on Discovery Channel

DVD rental of Downton Abbey- but didn’t finish and now I am mid-season 5, and have to rent it again. I love it. I am willing to binge watch this show and never sleep. It is so easy to get into and stay into, that I lose track of time while I watch…a perfect show to fold laundry during your binges! I got all my laundry folded! It was a beautiful thing~

Image from Downton Abbey on PBS.


Well- not “buying” per se, but our vacuum cord got shredded- kids doing chores- and so instead of trashing it and buying a new vac for $200+, we called the company and they said, they could replace it for free (S&H only) if we sent the old vacuum back. Winning! So for the cost of the box to ship it to them, and the S&H to get the NEW vacuum sent to us…we have a deal. So good! The brand is SHARK, and I am a fan- both of the vacuum and the customer service.


Image from the Shark website.

I am looking forward to April vacation with my kids, and seeing and doing a lot more, actually fun things: the aquarium, the zoo, the jumpy-place, bowling, the movies, sleep-overs, girl-days, boy-days, and lots of visits with friends and activities. So it’s not all work and no play around here, my friends!

And playing:

Uno, Trash (a card game with the kids), War (cards), going running, doing PIYO, taking BodyVive classes, and starting the soccer-mom tradition of waiting in my car and on the sidelines for play to start or end for the kids. Sigh. You have to love it.

What are you looking forward to for the 2nd-half of this month?! Let me know in the comments~ I love the sharing and commenting thing, and you shall be rewarded with…a conversation. Something I love. Have a great rest of April, my friends~

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Friday Favorites: Things I loved this week!

This is a little random. I have loved a few VERY random things, not the least of which are my 4 cutie-pie kids!  Look at how cute they are, all lined up…

cute kids

Yes. Moving on…Other, very interesting things that I loved are not quite so moving, but FUN for me and hopefully you too!

Here we go with some very random things that I loved this week!:

Off-brand smooth Flossfloss

Good braces and DNA put my teeth really close together, so I need a slippery floss. The name brand stuff is too pricey for me, but luckily the store-brand saves the day again. Why do people fall for this? Marketing, my friends.  Name brands, only sometimes matter. Maybe with SPF, but not so much with floss! This is my guy. The old-school floss, makes it so you will never, ever want to floss- which is gross. So I love this inexpensive, slippery floss.

Cere-Ve Under-eye creameye cream

I neeeeeeed this.  I saw a review in a magazine, and I like the brand so I tried it.  I have extremely sensitive skin, so I am always wary about what I buy for my face. I love how this comes out in a tiny (literally, such a tiny opening, so it comes out in a very tiny amount) amount so I don’t waste it.  It is also thick, so I can cover my eyelids, but not fear that it will drip into the eyeball. Eye creams are usually gross and sticky and sometimes in a little pod- which is very unhygenic, if you think about how many germs from your fingers go into and around your eye, this could be a problem.  Not with this guy- so that is why I love it.

Ezekial bread

breadBread for grown-ups. I hate kid bread. So I love this.

My e-cloths


Cleaning has never been so easy.  I did a review for them a while back and because I liked the products so much, I asked if I could review more products! So, FYI, they are going to send me some new products to sample soon- and I can’t wait! I am like a proselitizing crazy person, telling anyone who will listen, how much I love these things! The window cloth alone…I am in love.  Stay tuned to win some here over the next few months!


I have been loving up the salads every day for lunch or dinner, and sometimes breakfast with an egg on top.  My husband thinks this is really gross, but actually it is super delicious!

Target brand Almond Butteralmond butter

Cheaper. Like by $3. Thank you Target for taking my $100 that I spend on “who the hell knows what” and letting me save $3 on your Almond Butter.  That is why I keep coming back. Love/hate Target, but love/love the almond butter.

And I would be done, but I had to do another “cute-kid” pic:cute kid

Friday’s most favorite of all…love her face…why does facepaint make kids so happy? I don’t know, but she wanted to sleep in it- then agreed to take it off, if I snapped off a picture- actually she needed about 10 pictures, but this one is my favorite.

Have a wonderful weekend! I am sharing my favorites over at Life In Leggings today, if you want to check them out too for some faves~