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Day 31: End of Whole 30

whole 30 day 31

Day 31

I am officially done-skees with the Whole 30 my friends! The Whole 30 tribe warned me that I wouldn’t know how to start eating again on Day 31, but guess what?! I remembered! Wonders NEVER cease! I celebrated early last night with a Hershey candy from my trip, that I never got to enjoy and was waiting for me in the freezer.  Thank you little “Nugget” for being so patient and waiting until I could eat you…it was worth the wait, thanks very much!


I have to say, I am hesitant to go crazy eating chocolate and drinking wine though, since I worked so hard to get off sugar and lots of other extra foods that weren’t really helping me nutritionally very much.  I think the best thing that I came away with was doing 30 full days of breaking my habits and keeping a food journal. I had to really see and be accountable for what I was eating and plus it was going to be online for all of you to see!

Meal Planning was key for success too, as you have to plan 3 meals a day in a Whole 30 way…not just grab and go as usual:

Whole 30, Week 1
Whole 30, Week 2
Whole 30, Week 3
Whole 30, Week 4
Whole 30, Week 5

My Whole 30 takeaways in bullets are as follows:

  • Sugar is in most processed foods.
  • Soy is in tons of processed foods.
  • Corn is in lots of these too.
  • I still don’t know why beans are not allowed on this diet.
  • I actually like smoothies in the morning.
  • There are actually a lot of things that surprised me about this 30 days that I didn’t expect.
  • I didn’t miss dairy really at all.  Like- at all.
  • I missed ezekial bread but not other bread or grains really other than the convenience of making my recipes that I was used to making…now harder on Whole 30, to figure out.
  • 30 days is a super long time.
  • Not eating or drinking traditional food stuff, makes other people really uncomfortable if they don’t eat that way- or if they are having drinks and I don’t…Since I am an admitted people-pleaser by nature, this was hard for me and I felt bad making them feel weird.  I know…I am crazy.
  • My digestion really got changed- in a less than ideal way- something I didn’t expect and didn’t improve until day 25.

This is the end of it…or is it the beginning? I am sitting at my table, in my shorts, which I usually can’t button that little inside button, and I usually just do the farthest outside one, so I can at the very least wear them…and usually my belly sort of pooches over the sides this way and I almost get a stomach ache, but I still wear them, because they are my favorites and I need to wear shorts because it is finally hot out….whew!

But today is different.  I could button that inside button.  Not loose, but not so tight that I have a cliff hanging over the top- I can wear these shorts.  To think I almost donated them this year!  That alone sort of reaffirmed part of the Whole 30 for me.  While I didn’t do any before and after pictures for you (#1 too embarrassing, and #2 not good for the psyche), I do like the way my arms seem more toned, my belly and hips seem trimmed down, and the way my pants fit.

I didn’t like my energy levels at all though and if I could tweak this plan to  include some beans, and some whole grains, I think I would do better energy-wise.  [Basically eating the way I normally do except less dairy, and less eating the leftovers off my kids plates and indulging in dessert or a glass of wine every night]- This made me so aware that I just need to reign it in! The Whole 30 was a really good re-set in that way.

Today I  started my day with my protein smoothie- nothing crazy, but I am sick of eggs. Whole 30 has pretty much taken the love of eggs right away for a little bit (not too long, since I love them usually).  I made some homemade granola and I think I may have a salad with chicken for lunch…still sounds a bit like the Whole 30, and a bit like me.  Day 31.  I am loving the possibilities after feeling restricted for so long.

What would be the first thing you’d eat after 30 days of restricting your eating?

Would you ever do a Whole 30?

Lemme know in the comments! Have a great Thursday~ I am linked up with Running with SD MomSharp Endurance & Carlee McDot  as well as Running with Spoons~so check them out too!