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H.A.G.’s Uncommon Faves for Creative Gift Giving

I love finding great gifts that are perfect and unique, that you just can’t find in regular stores or on the majorly huge online ordering sites…you know, the one that my other gift guides for tweens, kids, and stocking stuffers are from!? Sometimes there are very specific people who need very specific gifts. Uncommon Goods.com is your guy for these people!

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. See my full disclosure policy for details.

Do you know Uncommon Goods? They feature products for gift-giving that are design-focused. Some are hand-made and some are not, but they are all unique, beautiful, have great design, and are the kind of items that make you wonder why you don’t have this yet!

Here are my absolute faves from the site:

Favorite Uncommon Gifts

  1. Soup & Crackers Bowl– Because most of my friends LOVE soup for any time of day…and a built in spot for crackers…come on! This is genius. Yes, please!soup&crackers bowl
  2. Sneaker Lights– Because it’s cold and dark and I like to put reflective gear on no matter what when it’s even a little dark out. Safety first- and these aren’t easy to find, so I am putting them here for any of my runner friends!runner lights
  3. Owl Glasses Holder- Because most of my friends are wearing glasses, at least readers now, and owls are the cutest. I love this wood version, as it sort of fits with any decor.Glasses Holder
  4. Yarn Holder- Because yarn is a tricky thing! It gets tangled, and twisty and this bowl is a beautiful way to keep it together. Frustration be gone! This would make a nice gift for a knitter or crochet-er(?) in your life!Yarn bowl
  5. Donut and Coffee Earrings– Because they made me smile. Cuteness is never overrated. If it makes you smile too, buy these for someone you know who loves coffee and donuts too.Donut & Coffee earrings
  6. Organ Plushies- This is random I know! Because my best friend received a kidney this year, I LOVE this one. Giving a little plush-organ to a child or person getting an organ seems like an amazing idea that these even exist. Of course, the Pancreas is sold-out at this time, but then, you know it’s hard to get those…Organ Plushies
  7. Vase bookends– Because everyone needs to hold their books, and why not with fresh flowers, or dried, or fake (they are much better these days). I love how this would make a bookshelf pop with a little life and color!Vase Bookends


I had so much fun going through their site and making a list, that I also made a Library Lover Wish List for my book-loving peeps in the world too!

Uncommon Gifts for a Librarian you Love (1)

Uncommon Gifts for a Librarian you Love {hint, hint!}

Honestly there is a TON of fun stuff to look through here and find a perfect, very unique, very special gift for someone that you know they don’t have already, and most items are super affordable!

I chose these items as my absolute faves, but they have some already picked collections depending on who or what you are shopping for like

Gifts for Girlfriends

Gifts for Kids

Stocking-Stuffer Ideas

I feel good about shopping with Uncommon Goods, as they are a great company who supports good design, craftsmanship, and sustainability- I hope you check out their site and find your next great gift or create a wish-list of your own!

P.S. I have to add this one that I just saw, this morning! SO Awesome for that Space-Nerd in your life! A Space Duvet & Pillowcase!! I can’t even…Go Shop!

space duvet and pillowcase

HAG Favorites Uncommon Gifts

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. See my full disclosure policy for details.

Great Toys for Active Kids

Just like most of you, in the weeks right after the holidays, my house is chock full of toys that the kids just love.  Very few do I love, so I thought I’d share some great ones that my kids can’t stop playing with and that I really do think are great!

I know you are probably tapped-out with spending, just like I am, but if you see some great sales, now is the time to invest in a toy-closet or toy-bin for presents for all those birthdays throughout the year or even next Christmas or Hanukkah!

Full Disclosure here: I am including the links to Amazon, and if you purchase through the link, I would get a small percentage, however, these are MY recommendations, and I am not reimbursed in any way from these companies for my opinions. These are actually pretty inexpensive toys, but I would of course encourage you to shop for the best price! Let’s move on with the important stuff:

1.  Toysmith Neon Dart Ball Set

My kids have been playing with this all morning.  So has my husband.  So have I. It is really fun for the little ones, and a fun game to play right along-side them.  I will be getting this for anyone with little boys next Christmas (you know who you are!).

This is what it looks like in real life:

Games for kids

Easy to set up and store, this is perfect on many levels for where we are at this morning!

2.  Nerf N-Sports Nerfoop Set, Orange

Again, real life version:

Hoop for little-guys

This started as a rotation of the Dart Game and the Nerf, but we decided Nerf should go in their bedroom so they could “have more room”- for what?, I have no idea!

3.  Marky Sparky Blast Pad Advanced Missile Launch System

I posted about this one before, and we did not get it for the holidays, but got it last year for the boys’ birthdays.  It has endured and is still enduring lots of stomping, from our own kids as well as the neighbor-kids, who are loving this simple toy.  Seriously.  I would never have thought, but now I know, and I gave this one for Christmas to a little-guy this year! Truly a good outdoor- but not too much space needed- toy.


4. Sleeping Bags for Kids

Well, I have no exciting picture, but I now have 2 girls sleeping bags and 3 boys bags, that get a lot of zipping and unzipping, fort-making, friend’s sleepover sleeping, tv-snuggling, and sliding down our stairs action (!!)  Who knew all the uses for a sleeping bag? Now, you do.  You’re welcome.

Too late for the Holidays, but just in time for sales!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas- the TV is taking a backseat for once in our household, and I am loving it! Bring on the fun!

Gift Giving Websites

So I recently mailed out some late Christmas gifts…ummm, two months late, but no less heart-felt, right?!  So I had the occasion to peruse my list of gift sites for some wonderful finds.  Further, with the impending Valentine’s Day this Friday, I thought it was a good idea to share some of my favorite Great Gift Websites for you to bookmark for later or use now:

Orange and Pear
For men and women, but mostly women, this site has jewelry, scarves, bags, and all sorts of unique gifts from very expensive, to very on sale.

Pine Cone Hill Outlet
Great prices on the regular stock of Pine Cone Hill, which includes ridiculously soft and beautiful fabrics for pajamas, bed linens, table clothes, rugs, and accessories.  Feminine.

Double Up Books
For Twins and Multiples, or their caregivers really. This site has great twin-books that are wonderful gifts for parents and grandparents to share with littles.

Third Day Naturals
Honestly I have never bought from them, but their stuff looks so pretty and natural and I can almost smell it through the computer screen. Stuff for moms, home, and baby.  On my list.

Beekman Boys
So these are the winners of the 2012 Amazing Race television show on CBS.  They are smart, stylish, and best of all live in Sharon Springs, a small little town in central NY and reviving it, which is a small business dream-design come true.  Love, love, love their gift selections, and the goat products are LUX!

Food site that sends gift bags by theme, or you can customize and pick item by item to suit your foodie-friends or family. Pretty, and different that your average food basket choices. And, the nice thing is you can go very small or large if you need to.