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Get Your Greens Smoothie #SundaySupper

Get Your greens smoothieMy sister will get a kick out of this one.

She came over to my house one day at least seven years ago, and had a brownish-green smoothie…this was before green smoothies were a thing- anyway, she came over, and my husband and I asked her what was in it, since it looked extremely unappetizing to us. She proceeded to list all the goodies inside the wonderous brown liquid, and then finally said, “and it has parsely too. That way you get your greens!” Well wonderful. In order to “get your greens” you have to drink a sludge of brown liquid. Not for me.

So all these years later, we can now see the wisdom of my sister’s ways, as we put green things into our smoothies on a regular basis now. And every time- yes, every single time- we say, “and that way you get your greens!”

Not only are green smoothies popular now, there is a blogger who is all but dedicated her entire blog to them: Simple Green Smoothies. She has a 101-type of intro on green smoothies, so I sort of follow her master plan:

Leafy greens + Liquid + Fruit

Seems smart to start there, and since she has a whole blog dedicated to green smoothies, I figure she must know her stuff. Here’s what I did:

Leafy Green: Kale

add to: Water


add Fruit: Frozen pineapple, frozen banana, and frozen peaches

Blend Again.


It was delicious. And I think because the fruit was frozen, it adds an even better taste to it. She recommends wisely, I think to blend the greens and the liquid together first so it gets nice and mashed together. Then adding the fruit after to put it all together. I think you could add a protein powder in vanilla flavor if that is your extra healthy boost, but you can totally have this as is without the protein.

So for formality sake, here is the recipe:

Get Your Greens Smoothie

Get Your Greens Smoothie

This is a nice, refreshing smoothie full of flavor and healthy ingredients...and this way, "you get your greens!"


  • 2 cups washed and stemmed kale or spinach
  • 1/2 of a frozen, peeled banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple pieces
  • 1/2 cup frozen peach slices
  • 1 cup water


  1. Add the greens and water to the blender, and blend on medium.
  2. Add the frozen fruit.
  3. Blend.
  4. Serve.
  5. **


*Recipe inspired by Simple Green Smoothies.

**You can add 1 scoop vanilla protein powder if desired.

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Smoothie: Get your greens!

And, since it’s green, you can share it this week for St. Patrick’s Day! That is a win-win, if I have heard one…and by the way, there’s lots more green food where this came from! The Sunday Supper Bloggers have outdone themselves with GREEN this week! “Thank you” to Christie from A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures who is hosting this week, and check out these healthy and green inspired recipes and give them some love:

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Get Your greens smoothie

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Comparison of Spray-Mops: Review & Giveaway (closed)

Disclosure: I received a free e-Cloth Aqua Spray Floor Mop in exchange for writing a review on the blog.  As always I am 100% honest in my opinions on this blog.

eCloth spray mop Confessions. I love a good convenience product. No matter the chemicals or cost, the convenience factor is sometimes the determinant to whether I use a product or not. With food, it might be a can of condensed soup. Yup. I know how many crazy ingredients there are in that BPA ridden-can…but in a pinch, I love it. I have to confess that I do.  As far as the cleaning products in my house, I also must say, that I have loved some VERY questionably safe products, that have loads of toxic, endocrine disrupting buggers in them…but again, in a pinch, I have loved them.

What if the convenience food or product was as easy, and convenient as it is good for us?
Would we use it above all others? Choose it first?

I decided to put it to the test… with mops. Upon receiving a sample Aqua Spray Floor Mop from eCloth, I decided to test it against a well know spray-mop on the market, comparing apples to apples. Spray-mops, as opposed to mop-mops are made to replace the mop & the bucket. I detest the mop & bucket. So the spray-mop showdown is a winner; Either way, I get a clean floor without using a bucket.  Here’s my take on the comparison:

Using Chemicals

The best selling, wet-spraying floor mop (read: It rhymes with “wet/bet”) uses a chemical spray that smells like sunshine and you clean it up with a disposable cloth. It isn’t cheap, but it does work. They cost about $35 on Amazon for the starter-kit. But don’t let the low cost fool you. Since it uses disposable cloths, the replacements (20/pk) are about $12, and the cleaning solution, is at $11. So If I divide the work into 52 weeks, assuming I mop once a week (harhar!), in a year this would actually cost me:

· Initial investment: $35.00 (includes a mop, 2 pads, and a bottle of cleaning solution)
· Each disposable pad is $1.66 X 52 (weeks) assuming 1pad/wk= $86.32
· Solution for 20 cleanings: $0.55 per clean X 52 (weeks)= $28.60
· It takes 4 AAA batteries (at $2.50 a pack) to spray, assume you replace them once= $5.00
· Total cost for using the mop for one year: $154.92
· Total cost the second year, assuming it still works is the $154.92 minus the initial investment of the mop ($35.)= Cost after initial investment $ 119.00

Conversely, if you want a Chemical-Free Convenient spray-mop:

The e-Cloth version of the rhymes with ‘wet/bet’ is the new Aqua Spray Deep Clean Mop.
It has an interchangeable pad that fits the regular mop and also this new one, that is guaranteed up to 300 washes. It has the same e-cloth fiber technology that removes grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria from hard floor surfaces using just water and the mop – No Chemicals Needed! Because it has the water build right in, in eliminates the need for a bucket- it is super convenient.

Cost= $49.99

As the website states, there are NO CHEMICALS to buy, so the cost savings is huge. You just wash the mop heads. Even if you only washed the mop head once a week, at 52 weeks a year, you’d have 5 ¾ years of use before you’d need to replace the pads!

It is literally LESS THAN HALF the cost (!!) of the “inexpensive” mop that they sell in the store! And the bonus is there are NO chemicals. If you have pets, infants, or children who tend to drop things and then put them in their mouths (5 second rule!) then you don’t want any nasty chemicals lurking on those floors! In sum: No chemical cleaners to buy, no pads to run out of, no batteries to replace, kills 99% of germs with just water.

To me it is a no-brainer. If:

It works.
It’s cheap.
It is environmentally safe.

A trifecta of winning. And I will choose it over the other guy, hands down.

Winner of the spray-mop comparison: e-Cloth Aqua Spray Floor Mops!e-cloth aqua spray floor mop

Check it out here:

W: www.ecloth.com
F: www.facebook.com/eclothUSA
T: @ecloth
P: www.pinterest.com/eclothUSA
I: @eclothUSA
Y: http://www.youtube.com/eclothCleaning

Win one here:
Giveaway open to U.S. 18+, through 11/24/15 11:59pm EST.

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Review: Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products

Let me start by saying that I did not receive any free product or get compensated in any way for my opinion in this post.  If I did, I would still give my honest review completely, and you all should know that.  

What I did get, is a ton of products for a really low price because I hosted this party and let all my friends who wanted non-toxic products come and try and buy them. Huh!

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic is similar to other home-party companies, in that it works on a modified pyramid.  How the home parties work is, where someone hosts, and others come and hopefully order and if they also decide to host a party, the host can get a discount on some of her items ordered.  This is the same.  It is a home-party.  If you don’t love those, then don’t go- but the products…you would miss out on these!

I am so happy with all of my great non-toxic products.  And when I say non-toxic- these consistently rate in the 0-3 range on the SkinDeep Database, the non-toxic measurement standard for beauty and home products.

Here’s my loot:

Ava products

Bug Spray , SPF face stick, Boo-Boo Stick, 3 SPF lip-sticks (minty), 2 30-SPF Sunscreens, Hand Sanitizer, Shampoo, Conditioner, Face cream (15-SPF), Night-Serum, Stick deodorant, and Spray deodorant.

By the way, all of this was just $45.

Hello?! Still there? $45!!!! That is because I hosted.  There are benefits to that for sure, as the Serum alone is list-price for around $25.

My favorites?

#1: I am sosososo happy with the deodorant.  This is my favorite, because if you have used natural deodorants before, you know they stop working after you’ve used them for a while and you have to repeat. And repeat.  This one is so thick and SO effective. I am truly impressed.  The spray deodorant is fine too- I just don’t love the smell, so I gave it to my daughter.

#2: I LOVE the Night Serum.  It totally absorbs into my skin and it smells like grapefruit. I have been using it every night because after I wash my face, it feels so indulgent and good!

#3: Hand Sanitizer. The stuff at the dollar store is so bad in so many ways…This is not. Can I say more? Yes, but I won’t – you get it!

Would I order this again? Yes for sure! Shipping was super fast, and my friends who had any issues with their orders, had them resolved completely and quickly. If you want to order, you can use this (affilliate) link http://Avaandersonnontoxic.com/aliciadasilva (use my ##73181 at checkout).

I will be ordering again for sure, at the least, the 3 favorites above as soon as I get low, but the bottles are actually quite big so they will last! If you are interested in non-toxic products at all, check this company out- AND they are a Rhode Island company! Have to love local.

ava deodorant