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Think Out Loud Thursday: Falling into things

I am going to start “reflecting.” But quickly, don’t worry. Just a theme and a quick thought. Nothing too crazy, to be worried that I am getting too analytical or reflective in all this “free time” of mine!!! Keeping it fun but real:

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About all the things I need to do tomorrow…(from Sportsmomshop.com)

So freakin’ true. If my husband is travelling, all bets are off for anything being on-time or going in a straight line!


I just finished two great books: The Chesapeake Bride , which was romantic & a fast read (click here for the review & giveaway), and Still Here  which is contemporary literary fiction- also fun! (click here for the review of this one).

Now I am reading Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel. It is my town’s book pick of the month which is sort of fun, but I had gotten it for Christmas as a gift and it’s been sitting in my TBR pile! After the first 10 pages, I am already excited to get into this one…stay tuned for more.


Lots and lots of games. My kids are kind of over playing pretend with me, but they ask me every day to play something with them. If it’s not just basketball or soccer in our yard, we choose a game. My favorites (because, really, the mom should pick what she likes I think!) are:


and this SUPER fun and one that I NEVER win, Rubik’s Race:

I love Yahtzee because I know how to play it! It was super easy for my kids to pick up- even the younger 7 year olds can play with my 12 year old or me and still win, which makes them super happy.

And the Rubik’s race is cool since I NEVER win, they can all feel smarter than me, which is of course true, but this way it’s proven!

Listening to…

Nothing. Really just the news on the radio since otherwise I never hear or see news. Boring I know, but my life is not super exciting my friends, and that is a good thing…


Since being unemployed, I bake WAY too much, and cook meals on time. I hear you moms…dinner on time is work! I start really early to get my kids fed before practice- otherwise it is cereal beforehand and something light after that most times is not a real meal.

Moms that work outside the home have it a bit harder I have to say- they have to meal plan and use their crockpots probably twice as often to get a decent dinner on the table. That said, I love this lady and her meal plans, and not just because I am an affiliate- I am an affiliate because I bought her books and plans so often, I figured I should make some money from it!

A Month of Quick & Easy Meals

Planning is key, seriously and I may just start up my meal plans here again- what do you think?

september meal plan


Training for a marathon at the end of October. With my new shoes, I feel cushioned, but with my old body I am not sure I feel ready! We shall see!

Looking forward to…

Wrapping myself up in a blanket…darn it got cold soon, right?!

Favorite of the week so far…

This quote:

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*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation. It does not affect your price at all. For more information, see my full disclosure page.

Perfection is Overrated.

Creator: NY – http://nyphotographic.com/ CC BY-SA 3.0

I was in a friendly conversation with another mom the other day. We were volunteering in our kids’ class, putting up a bulletin board outside the classroom. There was lots of measuring, cutting of big-paper and stapling going on.

I was telling her, that our crooked cutting and stapling looked “good enough” and whatever we flubbed up, it would be covered by the kid’s artwork! We were joking freely about her being a “type-A” person. She was grappling with my estimation of which mistakes were acceptable and still considered “good.”

“Well, I am a type-C,” I said. “That’s why I never get anything done.” We laughed and continued to put up the bulletin board for the kids’ classroom.

It did get done, and in good fashion… it looked perfect. No mess ups, and no disasters.
I have to wonder, is looking for perfection helping you? I looked up the actual definitions of the types (READ: I am a librarian, so that is just the nerdy-type thing that I do), and here’s how the American Psychological Association (APA) defines it:

Type A behavior pattern A complex pattern of behaviors and emotions that includes excessive emphasis on competition, aggression, impatience, and hostility; hostility increases the risk of coronary heart disease.

Type B behavior pattern As compared to Type A behavior pattern, a less competitive, less aggressive, less hostile pattern of behavior and emotion.

Type C (or D) behavior pattern A constellation of behaviors that may predict which individuals are more likely to develop cancer or to have their cancer progress quickly; these behaviors include passive acceptance and self-sacrifice [worried, irritable, and express a great deal of negative emotions.]

Okay, so I am decidedly NOT a type C- I am WAY too positive for that. But if you are a type-C, this information leads me to think you should give that s**t up! Stop playing like a martyr, and just relax! I also am NOT type A. No hostility here. And if I was, I would start to chill that bit out, so I don’t just stop the heart from beating. That is key for living well , I think.

Other characteristics as we know them for Type A or B, are:

Type A:  hard-driving, competitive, and try to overachieve; focused on competing and attaining measurable goals.

Type B: laid-back, never rush, and tend to take things easy; more about living in the moment.

If you have been told that you are type-A, does that make you more type-A?

I remember reading that parents should never tell kids that they are “shy.” This makes them self-identify as “shy” and dismisses anti-social behavior as acceptable in a way. In the same vein, I have heard my friends call themselves “type-A” so often, and harmlessly say, “I just feel better when things are done right.”

Yes. We all do.

Even us, “type-B” people. We also like things done correctly. Not perfectly maybe, but done correctly.  I guess I just let myself, and others, off the hook. If it’s not perfect, it is still good. With all things. Steak not cooked perfectly: still good. Wall not painted perfectly: atleast I did it.  Kids didn’t clean their rooms the way I would have: they are learning. Marathon not a PR: at least I ran it.

I am someone who has stepped into type-A shoes before with horrible results. I became unhappily focused on details that in the bigger picture did not matter. I was unable to “roll with the punches” and it became harder for me to work with, be friends with, and generally be happy with other people. My tendency became to control things and everything around me had to be “just so” or else my day or moment was ruined.

I know and love many type-A-ers. I just want to tell you all a few things about perfection:

  1. That I am not lazy. I like things to be “done right.” Like you, I also appreciate order. The way we go about it, though, may look very different.
  2. To this end, I want my kids to see flexibility. To see options, when things don’t go according to plan. To see the good, without needing perfection. Yes, “strive to the highest my children”, but enjoy and appreciate all the bumps along the way, because they may lead to some very interesting and good places. Have a plan B. Always.
  3. I worry that you, as  “type-A” people will be unhappy. That is my nature. I want people to be happy…with me mostly, but happy in general, is really what I want. Perfection means you can’t be satisfied or happy with the imperfect. With real, authentic, unpredictable life.

No matter where you fit along the spectrum of type-A or type-B, (because there is a spectrum. You can be somewhere in between these two “types”) is that everyone has this intrinsic nature. Type-A-ers, you feel more comfortable with order all the time. I get it. I love you for it.

I just hope you have that same love for us: the yin to your yang…the “type-B”-ers. And maybe there is a happiest place, in the middle somewhere.

Food for thought.

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HAG’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

hag top 10 blog posts 2015So here’s the low-down on my year of blogging.

These are my top 10, most viewed posts from the past year:

#1: Twins: My Best Tips for Twin Moms to Stay Sane
#2: 8 Years Old! Everafter High Girls Birthday Party
#3: 5 Great Chicken Recipes to Get Out of a Dinner Rut
#4: Review: Ava Anderson Non-Toxic Products
#5: Potato Pancakes Redux: Whole 30 Healthier Version
#6: Day 31: End of Whole 30
#7: E-cloth Review
#8: Menu Plan Monday: March 15-21
#9: Menu Plan Monday: Week 1, Whole30
#10: Cleaning the Car Without Chemicals: E-cloth Review

What?! This is crazy.

Seriously. This is troublesome for me, since I thought recipes were my reason for my blog-being. That and maybe some health-posts…which don’t even register here. Also, I have all but decided to give up on menu plan posts, but these got tons of hits this past year. Why? Menu plans are boring! I am now wondering what I think people most like to read about here on my blog, and I think, you are as confused as me! I write about quite a variety of topics, from twin-mom stuff to cleaning the car, to reading a book to the latest diet…Too much of a good thing?  Perhaps.  My goals this year encompasses the DIY-ing of my house into a home that I want to live in, and making food that I want to eat, and reading great books and trying out great products. I literally just want to share ALL the things with you!

I am quiet blog-wise this past week and maybe for a few more days…planning what this Hardly A Goddess (Master of None, Jackie of All Trades) Blog will be in the next year. Whatever it will look like, it will look different from last year.  Staying the same is not interesting to me. Change is good. Change is growth. Change is interesting. I hope you will continue to read and live a little life here with me.

I thank you for viewing whatever you decide to on this blog. No matter the “top” views…I will keep on – keepin’ on.  Have a wonderful New Year!