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Month-Long Meal Plan: May ~ Focus on Healthy

Month-long Menu Plan | Hardly A Goddess

Ack! It is May. As in right before June. As in tank-top and t-shirt weather. That means I have to keep it lean this month, my friends. If you’ve read this blog at all, you know I have lots of healthy recipes and lots of Whole 30 posts, but I am not up for that bit just yet. The plan this month is just to keep the simple-carbs at a minimum and to pump up the protein and veggies (at least for my husband and myself).

So the printable plan for the month is here. It is a Google Doc, so you can open it there and the links stay clickable so you can refer back to them.Meal Plan May Calendar | Hardly A Goddess

I have the idea that if I make ahead on Sundays a bunch of food for the week, I can stick with a good eating plan for lunches and snacks. So this Sunday, I am planning to make (Oops, maybe on Saturday, Sunday is Mother’s Day!):

Make-Aheads for lunches/snacks:
Grilled Chicken
Boiled Eggs
Roasted Veggies
Cut up raw veggies
Trail Mix

Enjoy & have a great May of eating!

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Meal Plan: Post Thanksgiving Week

menu plan fall

Now that they craziness of Thanksgiving and feasting is over, you may never want to cook again! But the rest of the people in your house, may be interested in eating. This is a problem. That is why I am keeping it super simple this week for family meals:

November 29- December 5

Lemon Pepper Chicken from Family Food on the Table, rice, steamed veg.

Skillet chicken parmesean, salad, veggie sticks

Curried Cream of Broccoli Soup from Nom, Nom, Paleo, with fresh bread for kids

Double Pepper Pork Chops, roasted potatoes, veggie

Quiche & breakfast for dinner

We have a couple of nights that I know we won’t need dinner planned, so I only need 5 meals here. Good to go. I hope you enjoy an easy week too!

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Menu Planning: A Thanksgiving Week

HAG Menu PlanIt is Thanksgiving week, my friends! It is honestly one of my favorite holidays because it about my favorite things: food and family.

While I can’t always share it with all the family that I’d like to, I still get to share the dedicated time and love with my people. I am so lucky…and cannot complain. No I cannot.

So, I have a slight obsession with the vibrant color and tart taste of cranberries. It seems to be all that I want to make or look at on Pinterest.  Here are the top 3 little things that I want to make:

Bake Brie Bites from A Spicy Perspective

And this:

Cranberry Salsa from Secrets of a Modern Mama

And because I am slightly cranberry obsessed, I want to make this infused simple syrup in order to make these:

Easy Thanksgiving Cocktails from Crazy Organized

Don’t these recipes look festive?! I am so excited to start working on these this week!

For the big-day, I only get to bring, an appetizer. That is it. For someone that likes to cook, and that has to feed picky eaters, that is a problem. So I am planning to make my Chocolate Cream Pie for the kids, and trying my hand at rolls. Always tricky for someone who can’t for the life of me get the yeast to proof- So I will try.

The rest of the week as far as dinner is:

November 22- 29

For the first 3 days before Thanksgiving, I am doing smoothies, kale salads, and grilled chicken on salads for my lunches and the kids are all set with their snack-fest and sandwiches.

I wish you a wonderful week, and let me know if you make anything wonderful!

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