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Race Training…Again! Getting Back in the Saddle After Taking Time Off

I keep in touch with so many of you by sharing what is going on in my life, here on the blog, so if I don’t share something on HAG, people get like, “I didn’t know you were doing that?! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

So I am telling you. I am doing a marathon in October, a half-marathon in August and a bunch of little races in between, to gear up.

This has been the process that I do:

  • Take the winter off.
  • Feel like my body has a break from all the pounding of the pavement.
  • Mentally recharge, and put energy into other interests: food and books.
  • Get antsy to run when it gets a little warmer out.
  • Plan the big race.
  • Sort of plan, but usually sign up last minute for the little ones.
  • Reign-in on the winter-eating-plan (eat.all.the.food).
  • Start a running plan.

Doesn’t that sound official? Haha! Sorry-It’s been a while since I have posted about running here on the blog, so I am out of practice. Actually, I have been running a bit here and there all winter, since it has been so mild, but I have been enjoying weight training, band workouts, PIYO, and walking. When I run and am not training for races, I don’t wear a watch and just try to enjoy myself without thinking about pace, or distance. I love getting back to that, but I lose motivation if I stay doing this for too long.  So a race is exactly what I need now to get my exercise mojo going!

*This is not a beginner plan. The long runs are long. So this plan won’t start for me until May 30th. Up to then, my weekly mileage goes up every week until I can build up my running wherewithall. It starts at 12 miles per week total, and gradually increases until 22 miles per week, and then I start!

Here’s Part 1 of the training plan:

Marathon Training week 1-9 | Hardly A Goddess

You can access the full marathon (as opposed to just HALF of a) training plan .pdf HERE in Google Docs. And then make any changes you want to it! You’re welcome!

I created it from looking at several plans, mostly these:

Jeff Galloway’s Plan– 30weeks
Hall Higdon’s Novice Plan (mixed with Novice 2, and Intermediate 1)- 18weeks
Hal Higdon’s Marathon 3 Plan– Run only 3 days a week (injury prevention)- 24 weeks
Runner’s World Half- Plan– double it for 24 weeks

Here’s how I tailor it to my needs:

  1. My previous experience with plans like these I listed above.
  2. Most importantly, my own personal schedule. I am not ever able to do a long run on a Saturday, as my kids have sports all year long, on that day. I bump it to Sunday, and then use Monday to do a rest day. It is just how I need to make it work for me.
  3. For the off-days, I will still do some weights in the 1st half of the schedule, definitely stay with the PIYO workouts (BeachBody), and the band workouts (LesMills, BodyVive). These have been awesome for both flexibility and strengthening my core, and hips…both need extra help to prevent injury, in my own experience.
  4. It is always open to change. I have learned that no one running plan is “the one” for me. I cross-out, write over, make changes as I go. Except with #5.
  5. Always stick to the plan as far as mileage. Always do the entire long run. Walk if you need to. Just don’t skimp, because the training is for your mental and physical readiness. You need to know how far you can take it to be ready to go the full 26.2 baby!

The second half of the plan, after my half-marathon, I back off on the weights a bit, and I switch to a 3 day a week plan, using that middle day for spin. This is a totally new approach for me this year, but my goal is to keep from injuring myself…I am no spring-chicken after all, my friends!

What are you doing for races this year? Do you take time off? How do you motivate to move?

*Please take this and all exercise, fitness, and health advice under care of a professional- Of which, I am not one. See full disclosure page if needed.

I am adding this to the Wild Workout Wednesday link up with AnneMarie from Fit Foodie Mama,  Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Michelle at Fruition Fitness  and Nicole from Fitful Focus to bring you workout ideas, motivation, inspiration and recipes to try.

3 Winter Workout Motivators: December Challenge

WinterWorkout motivationOh, it is getting cold, and I am getting a little too used to the couch! What I need is a little challenge to keep accountable of getting up and out of the house to enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

I know many of you use a fit-bit or some other calculator to measure your daily burn, but I require some personal motivation. The pants getting a little tight is one thing, but the other is that I enjoy having other people  to work with in a common goal of being healthy.

Enter my motivators!

#1: A ‘Get-Outside’ Challenge

First, I am joining for the Winter Chill Challenge, with Run Mommy Run, a Canadian Blogger who is a runner, and a twin (which this twin mom loves!), and motivated for enough for lots of us! Her challenge is just to GO outside and be active for at least 30 minutes a day. I can do that. I hope. I hate the cold weather, so this is a great and very real challenge for me!

#2: An ‘Every day do a little bit’ Challenge

My second challenge that I am taking on is with Femme Fitale Fit Club- she has tons of fun motivations throughout the year, but I am following her quickie, ab-squat-water challenge, as it tacks on nicely with the getting outside challenge.

My plan is to  print out the calendar from the ab-squat-water challenge and do those every morning, and then fit the winter challenge in during the day with my 30 minutes of extra outside time.

If you want to follow along via social media:

#WinterChill @runmommyrunca for the outside challenge – tally up your weekly minutes and post every Sunday by 8pm.


##getabsandsquats @FemmeFitaleFitClub for the quick-morning exercises and water (64oz+ a day) challenge.

And finally…My #3 Motivator: Plan for a Race

Maybe it is a 5k, or a longer walk than you’ve done so far, or even a 2 hour spin-a-thon with a friend… Whatever you need, plan to make something BIG happen by the end of the month. It’s a goal to work toward, and for me it is a race, to ring in the new year!

If these 3 things don’t do it for you, and if you need just some regular, every day motivation to keep you moving, I have a #4 for you:

Cookies. I hate to be so basic about this, but truly, I don’t deprive myself of much, as I firmly believe that life is short…So a balance in all things, viewpoint is more my approach.

Because of my holiday baking addictions, I will definitely need some push on the exercise front to keep it all in balance this season! While I know you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, you can mitigate the little treats that you indulge in here and there with a lot more healthy living in-between. Plus, with more exercise, I am more interested in making healthy choices than in over-doing any one sweet that will often leave me feeling physically bad.

I like to enjoy this season,as I know you do too. So I hope you will motivate yourself to get up and move, however you see fit to do it!

Staying Motivated When You Really Don’t Want To


mojoI need ideas for how to stay motivated! I am 7 weeks away from running my 2nd marathon. 7 looooonnnnng weeks.  I can’t seem to get it in my head that I need to eat better, or run more. My long runs continue to be thee wake up calls that I seem to hit the “snooze” button for.

I keep asking myself: “How will I be ready to run 26(.2!) miles? My 8 mile run yesterday was sooooo hot and…well, boring! And I still find it hard to push myself to stay on plan or consistently eat better.

When you feel like not exercising, or not eating well anymore, or pushing yourself, what motivates you to keep going?

  • Exercising with a group?
  • Setting concrete goals?
  • Joining an online tracker?
  • Facebook posts of your workouts every day?

It is hard some days, and I hope you all can give me some good ideas how you “keep on keepin’ on” when you’d rather sleep in! I discuss it a little more over on the blog, Fit Approach.  I hope you feel free to leave some fruitful comments and ideas!