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Summer Lovin’: It’s Slow Around Here

Well, well, well. I guess blogging took a back seat this first month of summer! And guess what?! It probably will again! My focus this year is to “enjoy.” And enjoy it I have. Summer months for me are always a time to connect again with my kids and nature and take some time away from technology. So in this case, “Summer Lovin'” means not too much blog-time. Agh, well.Finding ocean thiings

But I have missed you all! I have been plodding through my summer bucket list steadily, and have enjoyed some major mini-golf sessions, ice-cream eating, strawberry picking, and movie watching. But the beach…that’s where we need to be…my happy place. Stay tuned for more this month, as I am sure to want to share my books, eats, and feats that are feeding my inner-happy place. But I will hopefully be at the beach, so please forgive my absences! In the meantime:

The Happy Place

The Happy Place

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Have a wonderful July 4th, and remember…


Summer Isn’t Over Yet! Enjoying the Dog-Days of Summer

dog days of summer

I just want to share that I am sick of all the whining.

Summer isn’t almost over.

It isn’t even close! Here in the Northeast, we still have four more weeks until school starts- our kids usually going back after September 1st!

I hear it on the radio, at work, at home, in the store…”Can you believe it is August alreadyyyyy?!”

Yes. Yes, I can believe it. It happened after July. It is now August… My favorite month: Hot sun, beautiful sunsets, long days, the smell in the air that fall is coming (my favorite!).

Why, am I not upset at the impending end to all the fun?! Because we have the whole month left to have more fun! Here’s what I still get to enjoy:

  • Vacation at the beach- the most beautiful beach. For a whole week! Lucky me!


  • A trip to the water-slide.

Image from TripAdvisor: Breezy Waterslides

  • A night at the drive-in movies.

Image from BlackstoneDaily.com

  • A half-marathon to run.


  • A trip to a new beach in Rhode Island we have never been to.

  • A family bike-ride along the bike path that follows the beautiful shoreline.

  • My birthday. Yep. I saved the best for last. My birthday.

Birthday cake


My birthday month is upon us!  I just celebrated my friend’s birthday to start the month, and mine will end it.  Perfect little bookends to a wonderful time.  See? So much to look forward to still.  Less camp, more time with the kids before they go off and enter their new places in life.  They are growing so fast, that I have absolutely loved slowing down this summer. I dislike the school-start as much as anyone, so I am determined to have fun…now.  Enjoy the rest of your summer. There is still lots of time to enjoy these hot, slow summer days.

What fun family thing are you doing this month? Share in the comments!