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Race Training…Again! Getting Back in the Saddle After Taking Time Off

I keep in touch with so many of you by sharing what is going on in my life, here on the blog, so if I don’t share something on HAG, people get like, “I didn’t know you were doing that?! Why didn’t you tell me?!”

So I am telling you. I am doing a marathon in October, a half-marathon in August and a bunch of little races in between, to gear up.

This has been the process that I do:

  • Take the winter off.
  • Feel like my body has a break from all the pounding of the pavement.
  • Mentally recharge, and put energy into other interests: food and books.
  • Get antsy to run when it gets a little warmer out.
  • Plan the big race.
  • Sort of plan, but usually sign up last minute for the little ones.
  • Reign-in on the winter-eating-plan (eat.all.the.food).
  • Start a running plan.

Doesn’t that sound official? Haha! Sorry-It’s been a while since I have posted about running here on the blog, so I am out of practice. Actually, I have been running a bit here and there all winter, since it has been so mild, but I have been enjoying weight training, band workouts, PIYO, and walking. When I run and am not training for races, I don’t wear a watch and just try to enjoy myself without thinking about pace, or distance. I love getting back to that, but I lose motivation if I stay doing this for too long.  So a race is exactly what I need now to get my exercise mojo going!

*This is not a beginner plan. The long runs are long. So this plan won’t start for me until May 30th. Up to then, my weekly mileage goes up every week until I can build up my running wherewithall. It starts at 12 miles per week total, and gradually increases until 22 miles per week, and then I start!

Here’s Part 1 of the training plan:

Marathon Training week 1-9 | Hardly A Goddess

You can access the full marathon (as opposed to just HALF of a) training plan .pdf HERE in Google Docs. And then make any changes you want to it! You’re welcome!

I created it from looking at several plans, mostly these:

Jeff Galloway’s Plan– 30weeks
Hall Higdon’s Novice Plan (mixed with Novice 2, and Intermediate 1)- 18weeks
Hal Higdon’s Marathon 3 Plan– Run only 3 days a week (injury prevention)- 24 weeks
Runner’s World Half- Plan– double it for 24 weeks

Here’s how I tailor it to my needs:

  1. My previous experience with plans like these I listed above.
  2. Most importantly, my own personal schedule. I am not ever able to do a long run on a Saturday, as my kids have sports all year long, on that day. I bump it to Sunday, and then use Monday to do a rest day. It is just how I need to make it work for me.
  3. For the off-days, I will still do some weights in the 1st half of the schedule, definitely stay with the PIYO workouts (BeachBody), and the band workouts (LesMills, BodyVive). These have been awesome for both flexibility and strengthening my core, and hips…both need extra help to prevent injury, in my own experience.
  4. It is always open to change. I have learned that no one running plan is “the one” for me. I cross-out, write over, make changes as I go. Except with #5.
  5. Always stick to the plan as far as mileage. Always do the entire long run. Walk if you need to. Just don’t skimp, because the training is for your mental and physical readiness. You need to know how far you can take it to be ready to go the full 26.2 baby!

The second half of the plan, after my half-marathon, I back off on the weights a bit, and I switch to a 3 day a week plan, using that middle day for spin. This is a totally new approach for me this year, but my goal is to keep from injuring myself…I am no spring-chicken after all, my friends!

What are you doing for races this year? Do you take time off? How do you motivate to move?

*Please take this and all exercise, fitness, and health advice under care of a professional- Of which, I am not one. See full disclosure page if needed.

I am adding this to the Wild Workout Wednesday link up with AnneMarie from Fit Foodie Mama,  Angelena Marie from  Angelena Marie: Happy, Healthy & Balanced , Michelle at Fruition Fitness  and Nicole from Fitful Focus to bring you workout ideas, motivation, inspiration and recipes to try.

Running with Pain

runSo according to my running plan, I am supposedly in week 12 of the 20 week marathon wonder-run.

week 12 MonRest Tues4 m run Wed8 m run Thurs5 m run FriRest Sat12 SunCross

So now the reality sets in.  I pretty much ran 3 times last week.  Hilly but 6 miles was my tops.  Monday I took off, Tuesday I did 3 miles, today I took off when I should have run 8 miles.  Where? How?

After working all day, we had a preschool orientation and my husband had a meeting.  8 miles with have to go to Thursday after work.  Friday will be 5 miles. Saturday 12.

I left my roller somewhere in my summer travels so I need to order one. I have found rolling my legs has really prevented a lot of problems with my injury prone old-lady body! I recently switched from Sacony to Nike for my sneaks after getting a foot-analysis at Fleet Feet, a great running store chain.  They recommended an insert too after I showed to have high arches.  But instead of knee pain, which is gone now, I have new calf pulls, shin splints, and hip aches.  Oh boy!

The woman at the store did warn me that it would take a while to get used to the new shoes and that I might have some muscle soreness, as my muscles were so used to correcting/hurting me one particular way.  If I stretch a ton more, and pay attention to cross training with yoga and stretching, I am hoping this will correct itself.  Stay tuned.


Results and a New Goal

I think I can, I think I can....

I think I can, I think I can….

Results from my 1/2 Marathon:

120 out of 200 runners
5th in my age bracket: 40-44, of which there were 17.
9:11 minute pace per mile
2 hours and 10 seconds total time

If I am honest with myself, I am kind of disappointed not placing in my age group. The 3rd place there did a 8:21 pace mile, and was 42. So maybe I will improve with age!
I am very pleased with my time though. It is faster than my 10:00 per mile goal. I knew I would finish, but didn’t know if my legs (knees) could handle this, and they actually felt better as I went…which normally would be a relief, but knowing that numbness and warm muscles can mask injury, I wasn’t totally sure, until after the race and knowing my knees are intact and surprisingly feel good!
After resting Friday and Saturday, I did a little run/walk with my daughter, which made it more of a walk, as we held hands and just shared a little time away from the crazy boys in the house. It felt good. The IT bands hurt a little, but I have new sneakers (my present from my mom after the race!) that I wanted to try out a bit and test my legs too.

My plan for workouts after this half marathon are:

Nothing for 3-4 days
Walking or another cross training that is NOT running for 2 days
Week after- for me will be Thursday, run 3-4 miles
Resume a training plan…maybe. According to the Hal Higdon plan, he actually schedules a half marathon during week 8 or 9 of the marathon plan. So if I want to jump into his marathon plan, I could.
Here is his plan from week 8:

Plan From Week 8 adapted from Hal Higdon Plan

Plan From Week 8 adapted from Hal Higdon Plan

So I would start from WEEK 9. I think I could test this out and week 10 is my family’s vacation week, so I can do this too. That would mean I have 9 more weeks to train for a marathon. The one that I thought I might do is mid October. It works out perfectly if I start this now. Oh boy. Getting real.
Ready, set, GOAL.

“A Jug Fills Drop By Drop.” -Buddha