Ten Days to Decide… What Cookies to Make!?

One week out from Christmas and I don’t have even ONE cookie made. How does that happen?!

Peanut Butter Blossoms

Little Hands Moving Fast

I will tell you. I am not really feeling it this year. I wonder if it is the warmer weather, or the fact that I don’t want to eat all those cookies, that is keeping it at bay, but I need to kick it in high-gear, to get some good food-things around my house for all the company!

Here is what I made last year:

That’s a lot, right? I want to simplify a bit this year, and mix it up so I pinned a “few” {read: a few thousand!} things to my cookie board…which I actually had to make a ‘cookie’ board, since I had so many yummy ideas in there!

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I am torn between lots of these, but I will keep you updated on how I make out…for today, I must bake. At least one batch. 10 days until Christmas, my friends. Have a wonderful day.

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6 thoughts on “Ten Days to Decide… What Cookies to Make!?

  1. Lucie P

    Looks like you were totally organized last year! I’m starting panic mode. I have nothing prepared yet, and I’m hosting a family Christmas dinner on Saturday and all of a sudden, my little got sick, so now I have that much more work to do! I’m thinking of simplifying myself this year!

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