TGIF: Let’s Drink To That! The “Biter” Cocktail

the biter cocktail drink

TGIF. It has been that kind of busy, busy, busy week.  After last week’s Grapefruit Martini, I am not sure that I could come up with another celebration drink that is home-friendly and quite as delicious as that one.  My goal: No margarita mixes, no concentrated juices, no overly sugared concoctions. So I went poking around and found this one  from  I know.  Original huh?

I chose this one, for no other reason, other than I had all the ingredients on hand, and I liked the name because it made me laugh– and it looked healthy- for a fancy cocktail, anyway!

Isn’t that enough?

Yes…Yes, it is enough!  Why did you pause there? I said, it made me laugh. It’s the little things.

Actually, it is just lime/lemon juice and seltzer mixed with alchohol- no added sugar-syrup or weird mixes. That has to be good.  Or better.  Let’s shoot for better.  It is Friday after all.

So, full honesty on how this recipe was received by the Mr.:

Mr: {full pucker} “Wow. Hmh!”

Me: It’s called, the “Biter.”

Mr: {nothing.just a pause. and a look}

Me: Because it bites you… like sour, I think.

People…{sigh} I drank that drink.  I sat there with my kids screaming all around me and I drank it.  I downright enjoyed it, and the drips on the bottom of my glass!

I think if you are used to cutting out sugar in your everyday eating, this is your drink. It is refreshingly sour and the raspberry vodka sweetens it up a bit. Low in calories, and certainly sugar, the “Biter” is a great drink to keep you on a low-caloric eating plan, while enjoying an adult beverage.  However, if you are like my husband, this may not be your guy!

TGIF: Let’s Drink To That!

Yield: 2+


  • 4 oz. raspberry vodka (I use Absolute brand)
  • 2 limes, juiced
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1 cup of selzer: Unsweeted, but I use a flavored kind (cherry, raspberry, lemon are good)
  • 1 orange (garnish only)


Set your glasses out and garnish with a slice of the orange.

Using a 2 cup liquid measuring cup, measure out the vodka, and juices.

Pour 1/2 of this mixture, into a shaker that has been filled with ice. Add 4 oz (1/2 cup of seltzer) on top.

Shake the mixture, and pour into the glasses. Repeat with the rest of the juice and seltzer, and shake and pour to top off the glasses.


To sweeten this up, I had the Mr. use the garnish (orange slice) as the sweetener in his drink- squeeze and leave in your glass.

Recipe Adapted from

Happy Friday, my friends, and enjoy your weekends too!

the biter cocktail

So…Now I know my table is lop-sided.!