The Bad Run: First Half of the Story

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I should have known when I saw so many road kills:

Three turtles, one sweatshirt that I thought was a skunk, a frog, a huge black snake that made me literally jump into the middle of the road, and hundreds of bugs…and then I was at 12.5 miles.  I stopped for the first time, feeling great, having kept a good pace. So far, I hadn’t fueled at all other than water and 10 raisins at the 5-mile mark.  My husband had just pulled up beside me in the park to give me a banana and Gatorade. So nice. I stopped and ate. I started again. I was at 12.75…just started,really, when my watch beeped. Beeped and then stopped.

Now, at this point, I also should have known, when my watch died, that I, just like the road-kill before me was about to die. Not literally. Just running-wise. And I did:  I hit that “wall” and the next 10 miles sucked the ever-living life out of my body and my mind.  How do I know it was 10 miles, since my watch died? I drove it of course. After I cried my face off, and swore up and down that I would never do that again. 22.75 miles of HORRIBLE.

That was one week and 5 days ago.

The next run that I did, I paced a bit better. Planned only to go 12 miles in total, and took a mix of Gatorade with water with me and my trusty 10 raisins. I didn’t know exactly when I planned to fuel, but I knew I didn’t want to do it too early, or too late…

So when I saw that first roadkill- frog this time- I knew it was my sign. Time to fuel before you die.

I know- dramatic. But seriously. It literally has taken a whole week to feel good again. I have been mentally in the hole on this, and not happy at all to take the two short runs this week that should have been twice as long, according to my race plan. Self deprecating anyway, I joked to people that I hate running…Do I really? No. But I really dislike being in pain and running when it isn’t fun. Because I normally run for fun. I usually enjoy it.

But the overdoing did me in.  Besides the mental aspect of that one terrible run, that helped drain my adrenals so badly that my kidneys hurt, my head hurt, my appetite for salt went sky-high and I couldn’t ever feel rested. I did a lot of reading on this one, my friends, and the adrenal gland is seriously something for athletes to watch out for…not to mention parenting, working, cleaning the house and all that other busy-ness that drains our energy to complete depletion.

The overdoing is the suck of it. I never want to do a run like that again, and I hope I never do. Lesson Learned: Fuel early. Charge your watch before a long run. Best foods to recharge the adrenals: salmon, leafy greens, lemon water, sweet potato, blueberries, himalayan sea salt, nuts & seeds, cauliflower, broccoli, avocado, decaf teas. Stay away from: too much caffeine, dairy, gluten (source). And get plenty of sleep. “Yes, 4 children, mommy needs a nap.”

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4 thoughts on “The Bad Run: First Half of the Story

    1. Post author

      Ha! I wonder if it will be a favorite memory of mine, but it sure is memorable! I have no idea what a honey-stinger waffle is, but is sounds like a lovely breakfast- just not great run-fuel! haha~ Thanks for the visit!

  1. fitfoodiemama

    Ugh the bad long runs are always the worst and really take a hit on your confidence. I had SO many of those over the course of my marathon training…I am currently tapering and about to run the marathon this weekend. I am NOT feeling confident AT ALL. Going to fuel early, have my watch charged, hydrate all week and keep my fingers crossed.

    1. Post author

      Best of luck to you! I am heartened to know that a lack of confidence after a bad run is normal! I was worried a bit about it- maybe it is good to know the bad so you can prevent it next time~ Thanks for the input!

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