The Color Run, Providence


If you have ever thought about doing a fun-run like a tough-mudder, inflateable 5k, or some other type of race that combines fun activities that challenge your mental toughness along with your physical toughness, then I would be wise to tell you I know nothing about that! 🙂

What I do know about, relates to the race that I did this weekend as a participant in the “happiest 5k” in the form of The Color Run in Providence, Rhode Island.  Now that I have done this, I can honestly say, it was so much fun and I was really happy to do it!  My friends, who are not avid runners, but are fun ladies, who like to exercise, decided we should do this, and I was so surprised by so many things:

#1:  you get a ton of swag (free stuff!)

Freebies after the race!

Freebies after the race!

#2:  you really could do this walking or running (we did both).

#3:  you get lots of chalk-paint in your mouth (and nose, and eyes!)


#3:  my kids could totally have done this with me, and would have LOVED it.

#4:  it was a unique an amazingly colorful spectacle that I enjoyed much more than expected.

Enter for Color!

Enter for Color!

#5:  I will definitely do it again, and now, we may do more races together again soon! It is so fun to run and race and do fun activities like this with friends.



If you get the chance to try this, you should jump at it- and it is a must to do with friends, as it is super social.  Tips: wear sunglasses- or get these cute ones for $5 at the run.  Also, feel free to wear tutus, cool socks, crazy hats, face tattoos or the like, to make yourself even more happy and silly as you run, and sing and dance for no reason really, except that it makes you smile.

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