The Good Run: 2nd Half of Story…The Color Run

So after yesterday’s post about my lessons learned on my “Bad Run,” I thought it appropriate to balance the story with a ‘Good’ ending! Well, not ending really, but you get it.

I have to show you in pictures the ‘Good Run’ because  clearly my words are just failing me!

before color

See? Right from the pre-beginning the focus is on HAPPY? I even put the tattoo of it on my face! Love my socks too- a special edition from last year’s race.

The race itself, is short, and sweet, and we were lucky enough to have a beautiful and sunny day to enjoy it. The focus is on fun, not your PR. That’s why they don’t have a face-tattoo of “PR” to handout (lol)!

This is the after the color run carnage:

after the run


so much color

Aren’t these crazy!? I wore a bandana around my neck to cover my fact, so I didn’t breathe in all that color- they literally throw it on you throughout the run and it seems weird, but is so fun!

Here’s my favorite:

color run

She actually didn’t run at all, but they gave her a medal and all of the kids of the moms in my group had a blast afterward with the color and the music and free samples everywhere.

This is a FUN, good run. Simple. I got to run, have fun with my friends, and best of all for me:

 I got my running mojo back. 



2 thoughts on “The Good Run: 2nd Half of Story…The Color Run

  1. Lucie

    Color runs do look fun! I signed up for one in Niagara Falls, ON, this summer, but it got cancelled and I was really disappointed! Hopefully they’ll be back next year! i like that it’s about having fun, and not focusing on the P.R.

    1. Post author

      I am not sure if it is the Color Run itself that is so fun- it really is just running with friends that I love! It goes by super quickly, it’s more about how we are feeling, so it’s friendly and not competitive. I like the PR races too to fulfill the competition part, but friend-running has definitely been missing for me, and it’s where the FUN lives for me, so I will try to do more runs with other people. The color part is very fun to do with older kids too I think- lots of swag!

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