Think Out Loud Thursday: Falling into things

I am going to start “reflecting.” But quickly, don’t worry. Just a theme and a quick thought. Nothing too crazy, to be worried that I am getting too analytical or reflective in all this “free time” of mine!!! Keeping it fun but real:

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About all the things I need to do tomorrow…(from

So freakin’ true. If my husband is travelling, all bets are off for anything being on-time or going in a straight line!


I just finished two great books: The Chesapeake Bride , which was romantic & a fast read (click here for the review & giveaway), and Still Here  which is contemporary literary fiction- also fun! (click here for the review of this one).

Now I am reading Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel. It is my town’s book pick of the month which is sort of fun, but I had gotten it for Christmas as a gift and it’s been sitting in my TBR pile! After the first 10 pages, I am already excited to get into this one…stay tuned for more.


Lots and lots of games. My kids are kind of over playing pretend with me, but they ask me every day to play something with them. If it’s not just basketball or soccer in our yard, we choose a game. My favorites (because, really, the mom should pick what she likes I think!) are:


and this SUPER fun and one that I NEVER win, Rubik’s Race:

I love Yahtzee because I know how to play it! It was super easy for my kids to pick up- even the younger 7 year olds can play with my 12 year old or me and still win, which makes them super happy.

And the Rubik’s race is cool since I NEVER win, they can all feel smarter than me, which is of course true, but this way it’s proven!

Listening to…

Nothing. Really just the news on the radio since otherwise I never hear or see news. Boring I know, but my life is not super exciting my friends, and that is a good thing…


Since being unemployed, I bake WAY too much, and cook meals on time. I hear you moms…dinner on time is work! I start really early to get my kids fed before practice- otherwise it is cereal beforehand and something light after that most times is not a real meal.

Moms that work outside the home have it a bit harder I have to say- they have to meal plan and use their crockpots probably twice as often to get a decent dinner on the table. That said, I love this lady and her meal plans, and not just because I am an affiliate- I am an affiliate because I bought her books and plans so often, I figured I should make some money from it!

A Month of Quick & Easy Meals

Planning is key, seriously and I may just start up my meal plans here again- what do you think?

september meal plan


Training for a marathon at the end of October. With my new shoes, I feel cushioned, but with my old body I am not sure I feel ready! We shall see!

Looking forward to…

Wrapping myself up in a blanket…darn it got cold soon, right?!

Favorite of the week so far…

This quote:

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*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation. It does not affect your price at all. For more information, see my full disclosure page.

6 thoughts on “Think Out Loud Thursday: Falling into things

  1. amy

    I have been struggling to get back to meal planning. And the crock pot is a must especially on piano lesson nights. I’ve been working full time over a year and haven’t really gotten the hang of it yet. With back to school this past week our dinners have been a little wonky and all over the place. I love seeing what other people plan.

    The books look really good too- especially the one you are currently reading- the cover really appealed to me for some reason.

  2. Jennifer

    I am ALL about easy meals and, once my daughter and son-in-law move out to their own place (fingers crossed it’s soon!), I’ll be back to cooking for one and then, easy (with leftovers) is my middle name! I remember the days when my Things were little and my sailor and I were both gone all day at work. So hard to make sure dinner wasn’t take-out! Thank goodness for my crockpot!!

    And, I’d love to play Yahtzee with you guys! So fun! We also played Uno a lot and Skip-bo and Phase 10! (these were easy because we like to camp and there’s just cards!)

  3. Farrah

    That’s cool that your town does book picks of the month! (I wonder if mine does. I feel like it should–will have to look into it!)

    I finally started meal prepping again and it’s done a great job of helping to keep costs down and nutrition level up! Best of luck to you! <3

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