Thinking Out Loud: Let’s Talk About 4 Great Books

In true “thinking out loud” fashion of this Thursday, I thought I would tell you a bit about the books I have been riffling through at a rapid pace! [note: rapid for me, is sort of like “rapid” for a snail stuck in glue!] Yesterday, I finally finished a book (as in a real, paper, one):

Everything I never Told You, Celeste Ng

It was disturbingly good. As in, the content is extremely unnerving, and I don’t recommend for moms necessarily, but if you are not too emotionally rattled, then you could read this and just love it. It is an interesting story of a Chinese-American family, and how a tragic event illuminated all their feelings and emotions that they never showed to each other. It is a story of love, and trust, and the characters are so well rounded, that you don’t “hate” or “love” any one of them, but you care deeply for them as a family unit. I found it an easy read after the first half of the book.

And this is what I am listening to on my uber-commute-from-he** (audio book):


The narrator is British. Do I need to say more? I just love listening to British accents, and that is shallow for a review, but honest as I know you love that accent too! Aside from the narration, the story itself is so good, at least so far- I am just half-way through this book, and I look forward to getting in the car to drive for 2 1/2 hours a day! That is the essence of what qualifies as a good audio for me- whether or not it makes the commute easier or not! Stay tuned, but I know I already want to read the next one, “After You,” which I just had a spoiler alert type of epiphany…UGH…which I know will happen in the story, but I just “got it.” Ugh. Hate that.

Not to love my commuting too, too much, but I have also been moving through the Peter Diamond Detective series in audio, as a secondary alternative to the Louise Penny series, but there are 15 and I have just made it through 2! I just finished the first one, after I had read the second…so I didn’t miss any of the background info! My friend at work has read these, and tells me they are great, so I won’t be running out of audio books anytime soon! Here’s the first in that series that I just finished last week:

The last Detective

And this is what I am about to start reading (as in another paper book!) when I am NOT in the car!:

book I cannot wait for climbing into bed tonight to start reading this one. This is the 2nd in the series of Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, which takes place in a tiny town in Canada, called Three Pines. The first book, was so fun and full of characters whom I grew to understand a bit about, and so it set up the rest of the books that I will read, with a good background. After I read a bit more (!) it finally leads up to the newest one, “Nature of the Beast (the 11th).” And it has GREAT reviews, so needless to say, I am trying to read these fast in order to make my way through them!

That is it!

Can you believe how much I am reading?! Me either! It is very exciting. I do love books and talking about books, and hearing what other people are reading. I have a few favorites and a few that I never could go past the first few pages, but other people just loved them! The beauty is that there are enough books- actually too many- to go around!


What are you reading? I would LOVE to know! Tell me in the comments! I am “thinking out loud” over at Running With Spoons. Come check it out and think out loud too!


8 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Let’s Talk About 4 Great Books

  1. Chocolaterunsjudy

    I’m reading a book called Exodus. Kind of a fantasy/sci fi but takes place in the Seattle area which is interesting to me since I can picture some of the areas described in the book.

    It involves orcas, telepathy & other weirdness.

  2. Julia @ Lord Still Loves Me

    I’ve been spying Me Before You for a while, and you may just be the final catalyst for me trying this book out! I have also been considering audiobook for a while now, but I am not sure I want to foot the bill! I go on walks a lot and listen to podcasts, but I think I’d enjoy listening to a full book!

    A book I just read that I think would be awesome as an audiobook was The Light Between Oceans by Stedman. HIGHLY recommend! Although, I gave it to my mom, and she said it was a bit harder reading from a motherly perspective, so keep that in mind. Regardless, I thought it was a beautiful book! Have a great rest of your Thursday! 🙂

    1. Post author

      Hi Julia! Thanks for stopping by~ I loved Light Between Oceans too, though I read that as a paper-book! I usually take out my audio-books, from the library old-school CD style, but I know they do Overdrive downloads too, if you set up your phone with an app- I would NEVER buy an audio book- too much money, since you read it once, and that is it! Or I sometimes use with a shared account- you can give your login info to your mom (shhh!)!I hope you do enjoy Me Before You- let me know!

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