Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Admitting I Mommy-Blog

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I am the mommy blogger cliché and I kind-of like it.

There.  Maybe by saying that I like it, I will feel better.  Truth is, lots of my family and friends don’t know my blog.  I haven’t really opened it up for fear of loathing of the people who know me best!  If they had to read my daily thoughts, or “great ideas” I am afraid they will want to punch me in the throat – more than they already may want to!  I first drafted this post in September of last year.  After this summer, I am rounding out one full year of sort of being open about this thing I do most nights: mommy blog. {sigh}

It really is a cliché, but I do like it.  I like the creative design of the pages and web work.  I like the sharing and dialogue with people who may share the same interests, but who are face-to-face strangers to me.  I like learning about all the things I blog about from other moms who are doing the same million things that I am doing.  I had no idea how much work it would actually be to have a blog but that too is a learning curve and I am just on the upward slope…I just have to remember that it takes time.

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I am so busy — Too busy to blog well these days.  But I am trying.  Reason # 451 on my bucket list of 5000, is trying to build a blog that people want to read.  It kind of is happening more consciously now, where before it was an accidental journal of my passage as a mom.  It is fun to look back and see what my life was like when I started to blog, and most posts had no images, but were ramblings of a sleepless mom –  My first baby was only a few months old when I created this blog!

This is one crazy life and I never would have thought when I started, that I’d one day have 2 daughters, twin boys, moved into a new house, be done with graduate school, be a Librarian, or lots of other great things that I have been lucky enough to do over all these long years.  I always thought I would have a blog though, so here I am.  Please try to reserve any judginess, as you don’t have to read what I write.  But if you are picking up, what I am putting down, please stick with me, because I am sure to put in some gems here and there that maybe you can get a chuckle from or some insight or support.  Thanks for reading.  Really. Thank you. For reading.  Anything really, but especially for reading what I am writing. Thanks for not punching me in the throat either. That would really be a problem~

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10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Admitting I Mommy-Blog

  1. hmtroupe

    I am a semi-secret mommy-blogger too. Only a few members of my immediate family know about my blog. I agree that it comes with a huge learning curve, and even though it takes a long time, I like it too!
    No throat punching here!

    1. Post author

      Thank for commenting! I LOVE reading other blogs…so why would I question whether anyone would like mine? I think I just wanted them to stumble upon it on their own? What are the chances of that? Keep-on-keepin’ on to you!

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    I was pretty hesitant to tell people about my blog as well, but it usually goes over really well and most people end up thinking it’s really neat! Your blog is something you should be proud of. Rock the heck out of it and others will pick up on your confidence 🙂

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