Thursday Training Update

It is week 5 of my 18 week marathon training plan…I am slacking.  And hoping.

Hoping that I can stop slacking!

watch running shoes

My vacation was in a place that I love to run:
uphills, downhills, trails.  Just fun and really different than what I normally do.

I am trying to run LESS than I would, which is easy since I am feeling little burn-out now that I am home from vacation and not sure what race I am fitting in between now and October.

Are you doing a good race in New England up until the end of August or early September? I would love to know a pretty race course up to 12 miles. See? Not asking too much!

rolling hills

I was good to change up the routine.

Here is the run-plan for the week:

Sunday: 6 miles- done
Monday: 4 miles- done
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 3 miles- today!
Friday: Off
Saturday: 9 miles

So I am up to speed so to speak, and today of course is the 3-miler, so not too rough! The off-days aren’t really off of course.  I will be doing PIYO, walking, or other non-knee activities!

The best thing about vacation running is the change of scene from my regular routes, so I may try to mix things up going forward if I can find some new loops. This is an old, but perfect tweet for me today: