Top 10 Favorite Soups to Warm Your Bones

top10soups to warm your bonesIt is finally Winter here in the Northeast! We were downright spoiled by the spring-like weather that had my kids in flip flops and sweatshirts right up until last week!…well, I might not be the most overprotective mom, so maybe flip-flops were a little crazy, but we pick our battles around here! Anywhoo…

I have been making soup almost every other night, and thinking about making it the other nights! I love soup  for breakfast too, which helps me to both look like a Pioneer-camper lady to my children as I slurp up soup in the morning, and also in a practical sense, it helps me to just keep warm without any effort except warming a bowl up in the microwave. Win, win.

Here are my favorite top 10 soups from H.A.G. & others:

Cabbage Soup – This one, I made last night in hopes of having it all week long, and I will because it makes a TON of soup.cabbage soup

Beef Stew – A lot of effort to make it correctly…but so worth it. Double the recipe, as you will cry when it is all beef stew

Taco Soup – I make this a little too often…I know it by heart, so it’s an easy, last minute meal.Taco Soup

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup – From Sandra Lee…so you know there is at least one can of soup there…but it’s fast, and delicious, and requested by the family. So there you go. She is on Food Network for a reason my friends.

My Chicken Noodle Soup – From the New York Cookbook, listed as “NY Penicillin.” Also requested, but not as yummy/salty as the version above. I go between making it with noodles, rice, or matzo balls. This is my guy for sick people. A cure-all.

Ham & Split Pea Soup – From Patty Tierney’s blog, I made this last week, and it is my new lentil soup with ham recipe. A seriously comforting and filling, and inexpensive meal.

Veggie Lentil Soup – For someone who doesn’t love lentils, I seem to eat them a lot! This is a packed with veggies, and is an unexpectedly delicious soup. It gets better as leftovers. So wait.

Baked Potato Soup – The real deal on comfort. A special treat. A heavy. But so worth it. Delicious.baked potato soup

Tomato & Tortellini Soup – I adapted this recipe, from Running On Happy, to include cheese tortellini. It was really good, and a really filling meal. My daughter loved this and has asked if I was making it again…I guess the answer is “yes. yes. yes.” There are veggies in here. She doesn’t have to know.

Stuffed Pepper Soup – from Chaos in the Kitchen, this is a great, fast, easy to make meal.  Somehow I always have everything to make this in my kitchen, yet I don’t make it that often. That is just wrong. I will be making this again soon!

So that does it. Are you hungry yet?! I am freezing, and so will be eating soup all week, and probably every single week, until my feet thaw out in April! I hope you will try one or two of these. I can tell you honestly, that I have made every one, at least twice, and in some cases, for years and years, over and over. For more inspiration for soup, follow my Pinterest board, to tag all of these recipes and more!
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